What Do we Know About Climate Change?

National Academy of Science – Climate Change, Lines of Evidence

Sea Ice

2012 Sea Ice Minimum
2011 Sea Ice Minimum

Nasa on Arctic Sea Ice 2011
Sea Ice 2010 Update (blog)
Watts Up with Sea Ice? (blog)
Sea Ice and Walrus populations (blog) – Extinction: It’s not just for Polar Bears any more

Climate email Hack non-story (aka “Climategate”)

Unwinding “Hide the Decline”

Michael Mann: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
Michael Mann Testifying Under Oath
Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 1 (blog)
Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 2
Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 3 (blog)
Flogging the Scientists 

Climate Hack resources

Newsweek 2
Nature – Climatologists under Pressure
Nature – Closing the Climate Gate
Scientific American – Scientist Cleared in Inquiry, Again
Scientific American – Climategate Redux
Associated Press review of Climate Hack
American Meteorological Society Statement on Climate Hack

“It’s cooling” canard – 2010 Summer Heat Wave

 Lone Star State of Drought
This is Not Cool – Heatwave 2011
Heatwave 2010
Heatwave 2010 part 2

Additional Resources

NASA: How Hot was Summer 2010
Bloomberg News: Moscow’s Worst Heat in 1000 Years
NYTimes: Global Food Prices Jump due to flood, drought
NY Times: World “Dangerously Close” to Food Crisis

Sea Level Rise

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Other resources on Sea Level

NASA: Key Indicators – Sea Level
New York Times: As Glaciers Melt, Scientists Seek Data on Rising Seas
New York Times: How Sea Level Rise is estimated

Winter Cold

Winter and Spring 2012: How Can Both Hot and Cold Extremes come from Climate Change?

Winter 2009-10: It’s so Cold, there Can’t be Global Warming

Other Resources

NASA: Cold Snaps Plus Global Warming Do Add Up
UCAR: Highs Outpace Lows across United States
UCAR Senior Scientist Gerald Meehl on Heat and Cold Records

The “Warming on other Planets” Crock

Mars Attacks

Other Resources

Grist: Warming on Mars and Pluto -Well, no, but So What?

Skeptical Science: Warming on Mars?

Temperature Leads CO2

The Temp Leads Carbon Crock

Other Resources

Richard Alley, Penn State Paleoclimatatologist, on Interglacial periods

Water Vapor

Water Vapor is the only Greenhouse Gas that Matters

Other Resources

RealClimate: Water Vapor, feedback, not forcing

Temperature Data

Ben Santer: Crushing the Myth of Global Cooling
Bad, Badder, BEST
The Temperature Station Data is all Phony
The Urban Heat Island Crock

Other Resources

Yale Forum on Climate Change:‘Extraordinary Claims’ in KUSI Broadcast On NOAA, NASA … but ‘Extraordinary Evidence’?
NOAA: Is the US Temperature Record Reliable?

The Hockey Stick

Unwinding “Hide the Decline”
The Medieval Warming Crock

Other Resources

Can you make a Hockey Stick Without Tree Rings?
Hockey Stick Longer, Stronger

“Unstoppable Warming Every 1500 Years

“CO2 is plant food”

The “CO2 is Plant Food” Crock (blog)
A Natural ByProduct of Nature
Don’t it make my Green World Brown (blog)

Other Resources

NYTimes: Global Food Prices Jump due to flood, drought
NY Times: World “Dangerously Close” to Food Crisis
Discovery Magazine
“Science” Paper
US News & World Report Article

“It’s all Caused by the Sun”

Kirkby on Cosmic Rays 
Solar Schmolar
Heatwave 2010 Part 2

“In the 70s They Said there’d be an Ice Age”

In the 70s They Said there’d be an Ice Age
Climate Science 1956
Climate Science 1958: The Bell Telephone Science Hour
Stephen Schneider in 1979

“The Great Global Warming Swindle”

The Big Swindle Movie

Climate Change and National Security

Climate Change and Security Part 1
Climate Change and Security Part 2

“Carbon Dioxide is Just a Trace Gas”

“CO2 is too small a part of the atmosphere to make a difference”

“Lord” Monckton

“I’ve Discovered a cure for HIV”
Bringing the Crazy to Kiwi Land
His Lordship Christopher Monckton the Third Viscount of Brenchley – Part 1
His Lordship Christopher Monckton the Third Viscount of Brenchley – Part 2

Other Resources

John Abraham’s total demolition of Monckton

32000 Scientists

32000 Scientists Disagree with Global Warming

Renewable Energy Solutions

Plug-in Hybrid Cars and the Electric Grid

(blog, also “Chevy Volt – First Drive” and “Revenge of the Electric Car – Movie Trailer“)

Wind Energy Part 1
Wind Energy Part 2
Efficiency Part 1
Efficiency Part 2


13 Responses to “Overview – Find the right video”

  1. […] Climatecrocks.com has an “Overview” page, which you can access in the menu on the right. There are links to each video organized by topic, as […]

  2. […] Climate Crock of the Week has made a great index to all its videos. If you haven’t watched these things, you should begin watching them immediately. Each 5 minute […]

  3. […] Santer had the opportunity to address Pat Michaels' misinformation head on.  Peter Sinclair, who hosts videos on the excellent site Climate Denial Crock of the Week, posted a video of their […]

  4. Eclipse Now Says:

    Hi Greenman,
    I love this directory! Great idea.
    One thing, I’m just wondering if you could rename this bit?

    ///Climate email Hack non-story///

    Could you please just add:
    “Climategate (or) Climate email Hack non-story”

    Most people know it as Climategate and it will help them find the video’s faster if you do it this way. Otherwise, LOVE IT!

  5. Eclipse Now Says:

    Which is that great “It’s cooling since 1998” video where you show that Denialist scientist warning against using 1998, as he says it will come back to bite the Heartland institute? I’ve checked your “It’s warming” heatwave 1 & 2 and it isn’t there?

    Cheers! GREAT WORK on those 2!

  6. hengistmcstone Says:

    Hi Peter, Im writing with a suggestion for a debunking that is on the cusp of being a worthwhile argument but probably isnt. It goes like this… ‘We are coming out of an ice age’ since that could mean the last glaciation or the LIA its hard to pin down and hence argue against but it also can be used to account for any observed warming trend. It was quoted to me the other day by someone whom I thought would be a little more progressive and informed on science.

    I could imagine this argument still holding some traction a couple of decades from now when observations of AGW are more widespread and less arcane. So it is worth giving some thought to IMHO. Hey ho.

  7. […] of course, that’s what the Climate Crock series is designed to do, end arguments around the minutia of climate denial crocks that Uncle and Auntie would have imbibed […]

  8. I’m getting tactics like “it’s just a model” or “all they have is a model”.  Shades of “it’s just a theory” from the creationist playbook.  And then a claim that the model “has a 75% error rate, half as accurate as a coin toss.”

    Do you know of a video that would cover these arguments?

    • greenman3610 Says:

      climate science is not based on models. it is based on observations. The most convincing evidence of climate change is from the record of the past, real events that have happened in the long history of the planet.
      If we assume that the planet will behave now and in the future as it has in the past, then we must take greenhouse gases into account.
      As to accuracy – they said it would warm, and it has.

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