Watts Up with Sea Ice?

November 22, 2010

In early summer 2010, the pseudo science blog Watts Up With That informed it’s discriminating readers that this summer would decisively show that northern polar ice had ended a long term decline.
They guaranteed it.

The numbers are in.

4 Responses to “Watts Up with Sea Ice?”

  1. […] We’ll never know how long Anthony Watts would have let the stench of his summer arctic ice predictions hang in the air, had I not prodded him with the most recent video. […]

  2. greenman3610 Says:

    Just adequately?

  3. otter17 Says:

    Not exactly a debunking, jonjermey. An interesting read, though.

    It mostly consists of petty ad hominem attacks on Peter… ranging from accusations of being an “Al Gore trained environmentalist” to being an attention seeker looking to mooch traffic from the “huge” WUWT site.

    It does address the science somewhere in the middle, but gets bogged down in the minutia or who got the 2010 sea ice figures right. Nowhere is the overall downward trend discussed with any detail.

    Essentially, WUWT’s post doesn’t invalidate the trends and processes brought up in the above video. The prediction for ice in 2010 is not the major issue with WUWT; it is the consistently negative view the blog takes towards what the mainstream science says. It is the attacks on the “death spiral” remark that show the blog’s true colors, with user comments that seethe with hate towards “crazy” scientists that make such remarks. The point isn’t whether the sea ice is gone for a month during the summer of 2013 or the summer of 2035. The point is that the north pole is steadily going away, among a whole host of other trends indicating a warming Earth on a climatologically short time scale.

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