North Carolina Grid Attack “Domestic Terrorism” – Connections to Jan. 6 Insurrection

December 6, 2022


Duke Energy said Wednesday it has completed repairs on substation equipment damaged in shootings over the weekend that cut power to thousands of central North Carolina homesand it expects power to be fully restored by midnight.

In a statement on its website, the energy company said all of the equipment damaged in an attack on two North Carolina substations Saturday has been fixed or replaced. The company said Moore County customers will gradually get power back throughout the day as it finishes testing and completes restoration safely.

“To avoid overwhelming the electrical system we will bring power back on gradually, with the goal of having the majority of customers restored before midnight tonight,” the statement said.

Hell of a story in Moore County, NC.
Connections to right wing terror, Grid vulnerability, Drag Shows, US Army PSYOPS, mask mandates, Neo Nazis, and January 6.

Raleigh News and Observer:

Emily Grace Rainey, an outspoken opponent of the drag show, posted an invitation on her Facebook page to the protest at the theater. After the lights went out, Rainey, who became known in Moore County during the pandemic for her opposition to mask mandates, posted on Facebook that, “The power is out in Moore County and I know why.”

Without naming her, Fields indicated in Sunday’s press conference that the information Rainey posted online was “false.” He said officers “had to go and interview this young lady and have a word of prayer with her, but it turned out to be nothing.”

Fields confirmed on Facebook that the Moore County Sheriff’s Office had come to her house to ask about the outage. “I welcomed them to my home,” wrote Rainey, who organized a group of Moore County residents to travel to Washington on January 6, 2021.

“Sorry they wasted their time. I told them that God works in mysterious ways and is responsible for the outage. I used the opportunity to tell them about the immoral drag show and the blasphemies screamed by its supporters.”

Rainey said, “I told them God is chastising Moore County, thanked them for coming, and wished them a good night. Thankful for the LEOs service, as always.”

Below, AP report from January 11, 2021, centers on the same person, and her background with US Army Psyops group at Fort Bragg, NC.

Associated Press:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The Army is investigating a psychological operations officer who led a group of people from North Carolina to the rally in Washington that led up to the deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump.

Commanders at Fort Bragg are reviewing Capt. Emily Rainey’s involvement in last week’s events in the nation’s capital, but she said she acted within military regulations and that no one in her group broke the law.

“I was a private citizen and doing everything right and within my rights,” Rainey told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Rainey said she led 100 members of Moore County Citizens for Freedom, which describes itself online as a nonpartisan network promoting conservative values, to the Washington rally to “stand against election fraud” and support Trump. She said she didn’t know of anyone who entered the Capitol and that they were headed back to their buses hours before an emergency curfew took effect.

Rainey, 30, is assigned to the 4th Psychological Operations Group at Fort Bragg, according to Maj. Daniel Lessard, a spokesman for 1st Special Forces Command. Known as PSYOPS, the group uses information and misinformation to shape the emotions, decision-making and actions of American adversaries.

Lessard said there’s no indication other members of Rainey’s division were at the Capitol.

This isn’t the first time Rainey’s actions have come under scrutiny. In May, the captain made headlines after she posted a video online of her pulling down caution tape at a playground that was closed under North Carolina’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Police in Southern Pines, a community about 30 miles (48 kilometers) west of Fort Bragg, charged her with injury to personal property. The police told WRAL-TVthat they let her off with warnings twice before after she tore down the tape closing off the playground.

The Army gave Rainey “appropriate administrative action” for the incident and she submitted her resignation in September, according to Lessard. He said the resignation process for an officer can take six months or more and Rainey is set to leave the Army in April.

ABC 11 Raleigh:

MOORE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) — It will be another day of waking up in total darkness for people in Moore County.

Residents there are dealing with a third day of impacts from an attack on the power grid.

More than 34,000 customers still don’t have power, according to Duke Energy. This after two substations were shot at over the weekend causing millions in damages.

A curfew is still in place overnight. School is out for a second straight day. A decision about tomorrow is expected around 4 p.m. today.

State Bureau of Investigation is just one of the many agencies working around the clock to figure out who left Moore County residents in the dark and the cold.

Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields says whoever did this knew exactly what they were doing. He joined Governor Cooper to lay out as much as he could regarding the investigation. The governor saying protecting the state’s infrastructure is a top priority.

Duke Energy are also doing their part, but say they do not want to reveal any security measures. But an ex-FBI agent says it does appear that there are high quality cameras at the substations that could help investigators crack the case.

“I’m always concerned about critical infrastructure and we certainly need to learn from this incident as to what we may need to do because these kinds of things cannot happen,” Gov. Cooper said.

He added this attack is being looked at as an act of domestic terrorism.

Below, second part of a longer report Rachel Maddow report on grid vulnerability.
The first part was a description of similar attacks in California, which I’ve covered here.

Maddow states that there are no suspects, but as reporting above shows, some local activists have raised suspicions.


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  1. neilrieck Says:

    Time for me to trot out my usual observation: political dogma is a lot like religious dogma in that both can inspire crazy people to do crazy things

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