A character that seems to leap right out of a Monte Python skit, Lord Monckton is the darling of those who wish desperately to believe the fantasy of climate denial. There’s way more than one video can possibly contain, so a two part series was necessary to even begin to deal with the fountain of disinformation that is Lord Christopher Monckton.

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He’s everywhere on the climate denial circuit.  He’s not a scientist. He’s a classics major and journalist.

How is it that he’s been able to sell himself to climate deniers as their number one spokesman? First, like any good salesman, Lord Monckton knows his customer.

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We’ll be broadcasting the second week of the new ClimateCrocks Live webcast on the newly launched Climate TV website.

Live from the Gleaming towers of Vancouver

Last week was a good start, although we hope to iron out a few kinks. The interview is also available on Vimeo, so it’s embeddable.

Tonight we’ll be doing a review of this past winter, including showing It’s So Cold, There can’t be Global Warming, which outlines the causes of the December and January freeze that lead to so much heavy breathing in the deny-o-sphere.

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