Domestic Terrorists Focusing on Grid Infrastructure

December 5, 2022

Washington Post:

The FBI is working with state and local law enforcement officials to investigate Saturday’s deliberate attacks on two electrical substations in North Carolina that led to power outages impacting tens of thousands of people.

The facilities were damaged by gunfire in an intentional act of destruction whose motive remains unclear, authorities said. No arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

Southern Poverty Law Center:

In the case of white supremacists, the accelerationist set sees modern society as irredeemable and believe it should be pushed to collapse so a fascist society built on ethnonationalism can take its place.

What defines white supremacist accelerationists is their belief that violence is the only way to pursue their political goals. To put it most simply, accelerationists embrace terrorism. Accelerationists aren’t part of a new movement. They’re just an iteration more inclined toward terroristic violence than has existed in recent decades.

Homeland Security Today:

An accelerationist handbook being shared among extremist Telegram channels calls for shooters to bypass softer targets in favor of causing chaotic blackouts by emulating on a broader scale an unsolved sniper attack on a California transmission substation.

The cover of the 14-page PDF features a depiction of a masked and hooded gunman wielding a semiautomatic handgun with a suppressor affixed and wearing panoramic night-vision goggles. In the branches of a swastika behind the gunman are depictions of acts of violence including three people being hanged, a group of buildings ablaze, and a police car on fire next to a figure holding an incendiary weapon.

The document begins by asserting it is not a text aimed at radicalizing new adherents, as the author(s) assume that readers are already committed to “doing what you can to strike a blow to this system.”

While lauding with racist language “noble acts of violence” perpetrated by white supremacists, it brands the mass shooting in May at a supermarket in a Black area of Buffalo, N.Y., as “treating symptoms of the cancer, not the cause,” and argues that attackers should choose targets “that do the most damage to the system and spark revolution and chaos.”

“So long as the power turns on, the status quo, the downward decline of our race, and the increase in nonwhites in our lands will carry on unhindered,” the guide states, vowing to steer adherents to “more fruitful acts that will REALLY harm the system and brings us closer to the collapse that is needed for our race to once again thrive on this planet.”

The document refers to the power grid as “the main thing that keeps the anti-White system going” and calls power distribution substations “sitting ducks, worthy prey” that are “largely unprotected and often in remote locations,” setting the stage for a spree of attacks.


Below, Facebook posting from Anti-Clean energy activist, climate denier, and “Senior Fellow” at the coal funded E&E Legal Institute, a Washington DC “think tank”, that has a long history of threats and intimidation campaigns against climate scientists.

The 2013 incident in which multiple gunmen opened fire on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Metcalf Transmission Substation south of San Jose, Calif., causing more than $15 million in damage to 17 transformers, is commonly referenced on social media by domestic extremists — especially accelerationists and ecofascists — as an example of how to inflict damage on electricity infrastructure with the goal of hastening governmental and societal collapse. There have been no arrests in the attack, and there was not significant impact on customers’ power.

The new accelerationist guide theorizes that the power grid could be “crippled” over a large area if three similar substations were struck simultaneously or within days of each other with “armor piercing rounds,” arguing that with an extended blackout “all hell will break lose [sic]” and white supremacists would be poised to take control. Referencing the practice of extremists bestowing “sainthood” upon mass shooters who meet certain criteria, the document declares that an extremist who successfully attacks the power grid would be revered “above Sainthood when the lights don’t turn back on and we are plunged into urban warfare.”

The guide also mentions “telecommunications/Internet, oil transportation/pipelines, water lines, and similar things” as being prime targets because “they allow for all that we hate and despise” by supporting a diverse population.

As the document declares that Metcalf-style sniper attacks would be “unquestionably more effective” than a grocery store mass shooting, the pages’ background shows news images of fires at various electricity substations.

The guide continues by counseling extremists in conducting assassinations against figures other than “low hanging fruit,” using the Manson Family murders as their example of an attack suitable in “barbarity and gruesomeness” and advising attackers to “let hatred be personified by your actions.” The document also encourages “urban guerrilla sniping” with 1966 UT Austin clock tower shooter Charles Whitman used as an example of a sniper who blended into his surroundings. In a subsequent section on “urban camouflage,” the guide encourages extremists to “learn from the IRA’s successful examples of insurgency, especially if you are meeting with a small group of comrades”; that page also includes a photo of the car used in the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks while advocating that shooters use similar tactics.

Attacks against cellular towers are also encouraged — with the accelerationist guide calling them “towers of hell” — along with satellite broadcasting systems.

Far right wing threats and violence against Climate Scientists, are something I’ve been covering for more than a decade. In addition, I’ve long warned against the increasing links between climate denial, racism, and anti-semitism. (see below)
Take it seriously, folks.

3 Responses to “Domestic Terrorists Focusing on Grid Infrastructure”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    People seem unaware how completely reversible the decision to put up a wind-farm is. Try taking down a ton of carbon dioxide. Those of us focused on climate change cite the irreversibility of that path as the major problem. Once the climate changes, or the oceans rise, the game was over a long, long time ago.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    In the branches of a swastika behind the gunman are depictions of acts of violence including three people being hanged, a group of buildings ablaze, and a police car on fire next to a figure holding an incendiary weapon.

    I wonder if this gives pause to the many fascist cops working in US PDs across the country.

  3. mbrysonb Says:

    Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad…
    (Somehow this seems fitting.)

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