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Taking advantage of a teachable moment – share these vids with anyone that might want to get up to speed on what we know about ‘canes and climate.

Above, 2015 interview with Kerry Emanuel and others, still current.

Below, more on Ocean heat and hurricanes with Kevin Trenberth and his research team.

More focus on Kerry Emanuel here.

Below, Katharine Hayhoe – was this hurricane caused by climate or not?

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Puppies rescued by Miami Animal Rescue before Hurricane Dorian Photo Courtesy of Miami Animal Rescue

Miami New Times:

While Miamians are scrambling to sandbag their homes and batten down the hatches for Hurricane Dorian, some people seem to be forgetting their four-legged friends — and worse, others are purposely cutting them loose before the storm.
Meg Sahdala, the owner of the nonprofit Miami Animal Rescue, tells New Times that yesterday alone, the group rescued 17 dogs who were chained to trees or bushes or just left outside in parking lots only days before Dorian is expected to pass by or through Florida. Sahdala says some people have abandoned their animals because they are more concerned about their own safety than their pets’ and would rather not worry about them. 
“People are leaving their animals out in the streets, and we’re getting tons of calls about animals tied to bushes and trees,” she says. “People are just thinking about themselves.”

The animal rescue has received several calls from people who want the group to take their dog during the storm, but Sahdala says the organization is not a boarding facility. The nonprofit doesn’t even have a true headquarters — its home base is the Kendall Lakes PetSmart store, where the group feeds animals and prepares them to be fostered and adopted.
Luckily, not everyone in Miami is an asshole: Sahdala says she’s had several volunteers willing to foster dogs in their own homes, and as of now, Miami Animal Rescue already has foster placements for the 17 dogs rescued yesterday. Some people have even offered to take two puppies at a time, which helps to keep them from crying.

Making use of the teachable moment.

Not quite clear on the story here, but there’s a wildfire and a cute piglet involved.