Fossil Funded Firehose of Nonsense Against Clean Energy

January 23, 2023

Fossil fuel interests are pulling out all the stops as they see their absolute power slipping away. As the earth is demonstrating every day that climate change is real, and a threat, this is the latest form that climate denial has taken.

Above, great deep dive from Deutsche Welle – Germany’s NPR. (actually, better than NPR – and don’t worry, in English)

Below, Iowa TV station in KCRG took on the disinformation about solar that they were seeing come in to their own studio.

Below, it’s not new, of course.
Another Iowa TV report from 2017 shows how fossil fuel activists were trying to smear wind energy back then, as well.
Disappointed that the turbines were not killing eagles as advertised, they took matters into their own hands, killing rabbits and strewing them around the base of turbines, hoping to lure raptors to their deaths.


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