Graph of the Day: Impacts of Dairy vs Veggie Milk

December 19, 2022


3 Responses to “Graph of the Day: Impacts of Dairy vs Veggie Milk”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Ever see those teeny-tiny buckets they use to milk an oat?

  2. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Not a fan of Almond production.

  3. rlmrdl Says:

    Not clear whether the dairy is pasture or grain fed. A lot depends on scale as well, my 3/4 cows also provide about 5 tonnes of manure for my compost/year, are both dairy and beef producers and can withstand downpours that would destroy many crops; an actual problem in NZ this year.

    We consumer WAY too much animal product, but an exclusive plant-based diet is going to be fragile in other ways.

    I am a little skeptical of the CO2 production, not the cattle one, that’s fair enough, but huge machines ploughing, sowing, weeding, fertilising, spraying (including glyphosate killoff at the end), harvesting, all while my cows wander the landscape chomping quietly is a stretch.

    As well, what is the geography. My 10 acres rises from 168m-210m above MSL, there are places I wont take a tractor that could never be anything but animal grazed and human harvested.

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