Clean Energy and Bringing Prices Down

June 28, 2022

Above, interview with Jim Coulter, the co-founder of private equity firm TPG Capital, originally known as the Texas Pacific Group. “Solar is the cheapest way to bring electricity online.”

Below, John Doerr, Venture capitalist John Doerr, chairman at Kleiner Perkins, “we are in an epic transition, from a fossil fuel economy to a clean energy economy, it’s the largest economic development of our lifetimes, it ranks up their with the internet in terms of it’s impacts…it’s the best investment opportunity of our lifetime.”


4 Responses to “Clean Energy and Bringing Prices Down”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    Doerr: “[green energy]… is the best investment opportunity of our lifetime… the road will be bumpy” Big Fossils has a thousand nukes at it’s disposal, and THAT is how ‘bumpy’ this road can get. The Ukraine War is not about the ancient Czarist claim to the Ukrainian breadbasket. It is about inflation. It is about telling the World that if they prosecute their ‘green dreams’, recession will be the result.

    Early in the Ukraine invasion, the owner of the Worlds 2nd largest fossil fuel reserves said: “We’ve got nukes. Do not interfere.” You must be blind to not see what is going on here: the Ukraine invasion has not just made millionaires out of Russians, but out of Texans, Oklahomans, Saudis, Venezuelans, and anybody out there with fuel to sell. Killing innocent civilians is now how fossil fuel will make its profits, from here on out. Green energy is a great investment. But the road will be ‘bumpy’. In Ukraine, I really think we’ve just gotten a taste for how bumpy that road will be.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      The goal is to get regional supply of RE up and demand for fossil fuels down.

      The Ukraine invasion represents a political ratchet in Europe, where socio-political rhetoric in favor of remaining dependent on Russian FF is now harder to accept. Where climate didn’t get some people’s attention, anyone who though Europe’s long history of chronic warring was over just got a major wake-up call. They identify with Ukrainians in a way that they never would with Nigerians, Congolese, or any other war-torn group.

      Also, Europe is just getting starting to get a taste of deadly rain bombs, heat waves, wildfires and lake-lowering droughts.

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    Killing innocent civilians is how fossil fuel has always accumulated its profits.

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