As Montana Struggles with Climate Disaster, Oily Governor Sips Wine in Tuscany

June 17, 2022

As climate pumped rains body slam Montana, tough talking, oil-loving Governor Greg Gianforte is sipping wine at a chic European retreat. Look for more of this kind of “Adaptation” from fossil fuel shills as climate impacts hits home.

Washington Post:

Montana National Guard soldiers are deployed around the Yellowstone region, where they say they have rescued dozens of people from this week’s severe floods and ushered travelers along ravaged roads. The FEMA administrator is now in the state, surveying the destruction. Montana Red Cross officials are operating evacuation centers across the area.

But one key figure is not on the ground at this historic disaster: Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R).

Gianforte’s office has said he left for a personal trip outside of the country with his wife before heavy rains deluged southwest Montana, washing away bridges, sweeping buildings into rushing rivers and closing entrances to Yellowstone National Park — the region’s premiere tourist attraction and a pillar of its summertime economy. Gianforte’s spokeswoman has declined to disclose his whereabouts or specify when the Republican will return, saying in a statement on Wednesday only that he would be “returning early and as quickly as possible.”

Daily Mail:

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte was vacationing in the Italian region of Tuscany while his state was dealing with what officials called a ‘once-in-every-500-years’ flooding disaster. can exclusively reveal that the governor and his wife Susan were  spotted eating in Casole d’Elsa – a stunning hilltop village in the swish Italian province. 

The governor – who previously refused to confirm the location of his trip – is now returning to Montana Thursday evening as historic flooding continues to ravage the state, and Yellowstone National Park faces ‘indefinite’ closure.


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