Florida’s Burgeoning Sea Level Crisis. Knowledge vs Denialist Bluster

April 13, 2022

Above, two of Florida’s most respected TV Meteorologists assess some of the emerging conflicts that Sea Level rise is already bringing to Florida and the east coast of North America.
I interviewed both for a forthcoming Yale Climate Connections video on how America’s weather casters are dealing with climate change, and educating their viewers.

Below, “conservative” Ben Shapiro gives his assessment of the sea level issue.


BTW, for what it’s worth, you can’t build a sea wall to protect South Florida.
Video below explains at 1:29.


5 Responses to “Florida’s Burgeoning Sea Level Crisis. Knowledge vs Denialist Bluster”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    Shapiro “people are great at adaptation, and suck at mitigation” Self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you suck at something, you’re right.
    Shapiro “as the tide rises, people move inland” At 400ppm, equilibrium sea level is expected to be 60 feet higher than today (based on the last 40 million years of correlation between CO2 and sea level, see graph). So, for the next 800 years, people will be moving inland, putting down roots, and 30 years later, picking up and moving inland again, to avoid the tide.

    Or, we just take another look at how we ‘suck’ at mitigation…

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    You had to include a Ben Shapiro reference.

    Now I am forced—forced, mind you, to post this classic video:

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    New Orleans is relatively small, and has a VERY EXPENSIVE levee & pump system.

    How do you build a sea wall for the giant Houston sprawl, which not only has a lot of infingering waterways, but which has had many major floods from rainfall events?

  4. neilrieck Says:

    So Al Gore was more correct than any of us thought?


  5. J4Zonian Says:

    Republicans (and conservative Democrats) suck at mitigation. And adaptation. And suffering. All 3 sides of the climate triangle. What do they not suck at? Making other people suffer.

    So stop electing Republicans (and conservative Democrats).

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