Blink and It’s Here – GM Chooses Charging Station Vendor for Dealers

January 21, 2022

GM chooses Blink (BLNK) as the vendor for charging stations at 4600 dealerships. Perhaps 10 bays per location. Do the math.

Another tidbit from Blink CEO Michael Farkas, “British Petroleum,…who own a decent amount of charging stations, says the profitability on their charging stations will outweigh the profitability on their gas pumps.”

2 Responses to “Blink and It’s Here – GM Chooses Charging Station Vendor for Dealers”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Of course public human-interface electrical equipment needs special idiot-proofing compared to industrial versions, it still seems to be much cheaper to design and deliver than pumps that move physical combustion fuel. Instead of a regular parade of tanker trucks to your service area, you have permanently installed power cables and converters. Even electrical “leaks and spills” have well-established circuit-breaking technology.

    There are so, so many upsides to getting rid of (or even just reducing) fossil fuel.

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