New Video: Climate Action Means Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

February 25, 2021

Been sitting on this for almost 2 weeks waiting or Jennifer Granholm, who is mentioned here as “Secretary of Energy”, to get confirmed. That just happened.

Accuracy is everything.

5 Responses to “New Video: Climate Action Means Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”

  1. Paul Caron Says:

    We are moving in that direction, away from fossil fuels and non-renewables, but in a capitalist way. Certainly not something that goes against Republican philosophy. The next hurdle I see is getting gas stations to start replacing pups with charging stations, and for a charge to take no more than 15 minutes. That’s when you will get the publics attention.

  2. mbrysonb Says:

    Hmmm. Talk of “libertarian” solutions to collective problems worries the socialist in me a lot… In a country where incomes have shifted from the low and middle class earners to the wealthy, along with tax cuts for the wealthy and spending cuts in public (or should be public) services (schools / education / basic infrastructure/ access to medical care) has already impoverished millions, what happens after the build-out of a green economy, when the surge of demand fades? If the cycle works like a war, but a war in which the investment needed drops drastically after the build-out because wind towers and solar panels don’t get blown up, there will be a big slump to follow. With current social/political values (and power) continuing, we’ll be back to wealthy corporations and people running the country for their own benefit, while blaming the ‘other,’ building back today’s profitable politics of atavistic resentment.

    • Roger Walker Says:

      I see where you’re coming from. But right now we don’t have the luxury of looking that far ahead.

  3. Roger Walker Says:

    IMHO Saul Griffith is half right. The market COULD have done the job, if only it had acted 20 years ago. But the market waited too long. Look no further than Texas, which is pure market, to see where that road goes.

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