Archimedes in the Antarctic: Icing a Climate Denial Trope

October 27, 2020

So I’m working on an Antarctic update piece, and I pulled out the interview with Scripps expert Jeff Severinghaus – who had just returned from a research trip to Antarctica himself.
We talked about a lot of things, but I had forgotten this piece, when I asked him to clarify a reliable climate denial trope – “NASA Says Antarctica is not Melting”.

Likely that readers of this blog are familiar, but I treated the meme in some detail a couple years ago.

Anyway, so Jeff gave a lucid explanation of a first-order Physics refutation of the purported study. It involves ice, and Archimedes.


2 Responses to “Archimedes in the Antarctic: Icing a Climate Denial Trope”

  1. Is something wrong with the video? I get no sound.

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