Andrea Dutton on the Last Interglacial

October 27, 2020

I interviewed Andrea Dutton (@DrAndreaDutton) during last year’s American Geophysical Union conference, and was reviewing those files today as well.
Her discussion of the last interglacial is lucid and illuminating.

Also, you may know that Dr Dutton is a MacArthur Fellow. Nice video describing her work below.


4 Responses to “Andrea Dutton on the Last Interglacial”

  1. My understanding is that in the Eemian Epoch notable for 3-6 m SLR initially, then fairly rapid climax up to 9m by about 115 ka ago…is this correct?

    • greenman3610 Says:

      not sure on that.
      I have been told that the Eemian (and Dr Dutton says “last interglacial” is more accurate) started with a rapid temp rise to a spike, then cooled slightly to. a plateau for 8-10k years.
      I think the sea level numbers are tougher because there are arguments about just how high it got, (pretty big difference, 3 to 6 m) and how fast, so suspect that there is a fair bit of uncertainty in that.
      The relevance to us is that, if the seas rose over 2 thousand years, that might be evidence that we can adapt – but if it was over 200 years, not so much.

    • grindupbaker Says:

      Dorthe Dahl-Jensen has a bipolar see saw talk from Greenland Ice Sheet proxy at that has some Eemian reference. Not global of course and I don’t recall if any useful info of SLR was on that. There’s Eelco Rohling at 14:28 to 19:40 at but maybe earlier for the Eemian part.

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