Trump Readying Kill Shot for US Science

July 2, 2019

Shocking and urgent – cut to the chase at 8 minutes if you’re rushed.

15 Responses to “Trump Readying Kill Shot for US Science”

  1. newsandtimes Says:

    dude you some type of retard? no one watches MSNPC, especially madcow

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    More excellent work by Maddow—-she has nailed it yet again.

    ALL of it is worth watching, and if you start at 8 minutes because you’re “rushed”, DO watch it all the way to the end, especially from ~18 minutes on—-what Trump is trying to do is absolutely mind-blowing.

    BTW, the big news in the DC area is Trump turning the 4th of July celebration into a celebration of Trump. He will be speaking from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, to a crowd of the selected (who will need tickets), having a fly-over of AF One, an
    F-35, and the Blue Angels (requiring shutting down Washington National Airport for hours). Latest word is that he will also have his “toys” on hand at the memorial—M-1 Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles (although he called them “Sherman tanks”). Costs for this display of childish narcissism are estimated in the many millions of dollars.

    PLEASE pray to whatever gods you believe in for severe storms to strike Washington DC from ~3 PM to ~10PM EDT on July 4th. We need for more than just a little rain on our Fake President’s parade—-high winds, hail, much lightning, and even a small tornado or two would be appropriate. Maybe he can then find a scientist to explain to him how climate change played a part.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      NB: I understand that she has to slow down and repeat herself for those watching real-time, but I find Maddow and other news/opinion clips more watchable at x1.25 speed.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      PLEASE pray to whatever gods you believe in for severe storms to strike Washington DC from ~3 PM to ~10PM EDT on July 4th. We need for more than just a little rain on our Fake President’s parade—-high winds, hail, much lightning, and even a small tornado or two would be appropriate. Maybe he can then find a scientist to explain to him how climate change played a part.

      I’m sacrificing the goat today.

      In lieu of storms, a little high-humidity >100° weather wouldn’t go amiss, either.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        No, we already have a lot of high-heat and humidity days in the DC area during the summer, and life goes on. Not enough.

        Sacrifice TWO goats (and a virgin if you have one handy)—-we need 7 hours of climate change enhanced EXTREME and SEVERE weather.

        • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

          OK. The best I can do is two virgin goats.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            The planet thanks you.

            And I’m really not kidding about this—-I’m going out to mow the lawn now, and while I’m out there I’m going to hug one of my big oaks and talk to Mother Nature about helping us out.

  3. jimbills Says:

    Sonny Perdue has been running under the radar until now, but he’s been making major changes to the USDA even before this. Here’s one of many:

    A lot of the other changes will have the effect of consolidating agriculture further and further into fewer hands – small farmers, adios. And of course, deregulation of pollutants, etc. It will be very hard to walk back a lot of the changes being made.

    Personally, the guy was a constant string of shady ethics charges as governor of Georgia.

    Perdue on climate change:

  4. J4Zonian Says:

    It’s hardly just il Ducebag der Gropenführer; he couldn’t do it without the entire Republican party, their control of the oligarchic chamber of Congress and now, their increasingly venal lawlessness, as in Colorado. Lawsuits? How far will those go with Republican control of the courts?

    Beyond even the direct effects on climate and agriculture research–and much more important–is the obvious sign of encroaching fascism. Decades ahead of the schedule most people thought they were on, the junta is shutting down all sources of knowledge except itself, starting with the sources of science most likely to get it removed from power and stall its agenda.
    http s://

    This is hardly the first instance of cuts in climate research in the US, and right wing regimes in Australia (and elsewhere) have done the same–with CSIRO, for example.

    The institutions of the republic that aren’t already gone or rendered impotent are being rapidly dismantled. We have as little time to democratize as we do to renewablize.

  5. tw2017 Says:

    I’m getting such a kick out of this blog citing Rachel Maddow as a source. With her tanking ratings and her two years of beating the drum for conspiracy and coordination (aka collusion) that did not exist, her credibility is now at an all time high. Right on!

  6. Keith Omelvena Says:

    Don’t worry US. When your crops fail and starvation sets in, we in New Zealand stand ready to supply you with life saving food supplies. First however, you will be given a form with two boxes to tick. Box one: Did you do what you could to prevent climate catastrophe. Box two: Did you vote Republican. Those ticking box two will be required to relocate to the back of the line!

  7. redskylite Says:

    It is a crying shame that denial, suppression and obfuscation has gotten a strong reign from the highest quarters at this very late hour.

    Just around ten years ago, when there was hope of interest and action against the damage fossil usage is doing, the same forces manufactured “Climate Gate” and deflected the impetus and ties up precious time, putting doubt in many a mind.

    10 years on more evidence of the culprits emerge. No surprises.

    “Climategate” Email Hacking was Carried out from Russia, in Effort to Undermine Action on Global Warming.

    Donald Trump publicly called on world leaders to tackle global warming just prior to the “Climategate” affair, but became skeptical of climate change after the story broke.
    The identity of the hackers has remained a mystery despite the efforts of law enforcement and journalists.

    View at

  8. redskylite Says:

    And still they try and discredit, deny and obfuscate. .

    “SOURCE: James Murphy, Tony Heller, The New American, 26 June 2019”

    Factually Inaccurate: Necessary adjustments to temperature datasets have, in total, reduced the apparent global warming trend since the late 1800s. Many independent datasets support the accuracy of NASA’s temperature record.
    Scientists at NASA—as well as other groups—constantly work to ensure that the data being used to estimate global average temperatures are as accurate as possible. As time goes on, updates can lead to small changes to estimates for previous years. These changes, however, are much too small to cause the warming trend that is clear in all available datasets.

  9. rsmurf Says:

    “I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” grOver the grave digger nOrQUest!

    This is how you do this!!

  10. fjohnx Says:

    Reminiscent of transferring Sakharov to a small office in Gorky.

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