Warm Pole, Cold Continent: Polar Vortex Settles on Eastern North America

January 21, 2019


In case it comes up at the watercolor today.

You’re welcome.

Below, Canadian weather reporter mentions polar vortex.


12 Responses to “Warm Pole, Cold Continent: Polar Vortex Settles on Eastern North America”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Thank you. An informative piece with great graphics. Too bad it only got 13,000 views on Youtube in a year, and the comments on Youtube mainly come from the ignorant flaming A-holes of the denier world. Sad.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Forgot to say that we here in the Washington DC area are having single digit weather with wind chills going into minus double digits. Much yada-yada on the newscasts here about the local weather and weather across the country, but very little mention of the polar vortex and NO mention of the fact that this cold weather is a product of climate change.

      Just think how much good could be done if any of them said “You know, scientists are telling us that these wide swings in the jet stream are a result of climate change and the warming in the arctic. They predict that these wide swings in temperature will become even more common as the planet warms, and that weather events in general are going to be more extreme because of the increased heat and moisture in the air and the rising temperatures in the oceans worldwide….” Etc, etc.

      Why isn’t it happening? The Canadian weather girl is cute and nice to look at. Imagine how well she could get people’s attention and “feed truth” about climate change if she tried.

      • grindupbaker Says:

        She isn’t the real Canadian weather girl. The real Canadian weather girl is The Wagstaffer.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          I can live with Wagstaffe, especially when she ditches the eyeglasses.

        • neilrieck Says:

          Johanna Wagstaffe is on CBC. The clip above is from CTV.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            I don’t get CTV or CBC, but the media down here also prefers attractive blondes for weatherpersons and anchors. And many of them ARE smart when it comes to weather—-I will ask again, why don’t they bring up how climate change is affecting weather?

        • grindupbaker Says:

          Well Johanna had a much-publicized series in 7 parts 2050 Degrees of Change June 2017. August/September 2017 Kevin Trenberth panned her & others royally about the hurricanes (“most unhelpful” typical Trenberth quote). I’ve moved from British Columbia to Ontario now I’m geriatric and I’ve not heard Johanna on CBC radio here. He thought she (and others) was dabbling in climate change too much and not well

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Proving my point. The only thing I saw from Henson that barely mentioned it was:

      “(Keep in mind that in midwinter, even intense cold isn’t always record cold—especially in our warming climate, where it’s become increasingly difficult to set large numbers of record lows.)”

      Maybe he got to it in the followup he promised in his last sentence?

      “There’s another player in the seasonal prediction game, and it’s one that many forecasters have long derided or dismissed. We’ll have the details in a follow-up post on Friday afternoon”.

  2. ecoquant Says:

    What’s impressive, too, is the weather whiplash:

  3. Gingerbaker Says:

    We just went from -15F to +42F in two days. It’s raining now in Burlington – thang Zeus – because if it was snow, I am not sure I throw the snow high enough from my driveway!

    Here is a pic of my driveway a few days ago. It’s about 70 feet long, and the snow plows left a compacted drift about 3 1/2 feet deep and 4 feet long at the bottom:

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