New Video: The Most Important Number in Climate Change

October 9, 2018

Below, PBS Newshour on the newest warning from global scientists.

19 Responses to “New Video: The Most Important Number in Climate Change”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Two good videos. Conclusion after viewing them? Truer words were never spoken than “…the best time to have done something was 25 years ago”. Forget about the second part of that statement—“…the next best time is right now”.

    We have been dragging our feet for those 25 years and there is no reason to think we are are going to do enough in time to avoid disaster, especially with The Orange Moron in the Offal Office and the Repugnants in control in Congress. Pray for a Blue Wave next month.

    I’m beginning to believe that the scientists have all moved towards rational fatalism in their thinking—-too bad they are reluctant to tell it like it is and keep holding out hope with “IF we do this…or that….then MAYBE…”. I guess they don’t want to become another Guy McPherson (who becomes more of a hero every day).

    • grindupbaker Says:

      Guy McPherson’s WG1 climate “science” that I’ve heard is ludicrous drivel with non calculations that he appears to have pulled from his anus. His dissing of Jim Hansen is sickening. Guy McPherson is either a twat, some form of scam artists, or both. Peter Wadhams should sue him for defamation.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        McPherson may be a less-than-perfect human being, (as most of us are—-except for Sir Chucky, of course), and he may have jumped the gun on many things, but he DID have the courage to speak of things that now appear to be coming true.

        He has withdrawn from public conversation—-can we wait a few more years and see if he DID see it coming before judging him so harshly?

  2. rsmurf Says:

    Things I have done and do. I power my home with solar power, from my solar panels. My cars are plugin hybred, and hybrid. I grow a lot of my food, including chickens and eggs. I don’t use any poisons. I dry my clothes on a line. I use reusable grocery bags. I don’t over manicure my property with leaf blowers, edge trimmers etc its all manual. I use minimal A/C during the summer limited to august and only cool a few rooms, and I live in Dallas. Same for Heating. Food I do buy is organic and or local, never from around the world. I recycle EVERYTHING I can. I’m years ahead of most households, so I wont have to make many more changes or sacrifices.

    • Sir Charles Says:

      You’re a hero, rsmurf.

      • rsmurf Says:

        As long as its not a smartass comment thanks! What have you done?

        • Sir Charles Says:

          Well. Who tells us that it’s not you who’s the “smartass” here? My carbon footprint is about 40% of the average citizen here. I have no car. My next home – when finished – will have geothermal heating. The heat pump has only 2.7kW, not even as much as an ordinary immersion heater which households use here to heat their water in the summer time. About 30% of Ireland’s electricity comes from renewable sources, mainly wind. And the foundation for my own windmill is already in the ground. My intention is to show everybody that you cannot only supply a home with 100% homemade renewable electricity, you can also heat it 100% emission free. But progress is slow. My health isn’t the best, and I haven’t the budget to delegate work. I hope to get everything finished before I pass it on.

    • grindupbaker Says:

      OK I gave you a thumbuppy on the assumption you didn’t shoot that “Kennedy”.

  3. Roger Walker Says:

    I disagree with Pomerance on three points:

    1. Geoengineering is to be avoided, for two reasons:

    – It’s too risky. You only get one shot and a million things can go wrong.
    – It’s too expensive in terms of CO2 emissions during construction of infrastructure at the necessary scale which is truly colossal.

    Clive Hamilton has demonstrated both points in “Earthmasters”.

    2. He’s talking about treating symptoms, not the disease. The disease is fossil fuels. So stop subsidising them FFS! The market will do the rest.

    3. I don’t agree that the IPCC report has had great impact. Yesterday at about 7pm here in France I did a small survey of a bunch of the world’s newspapers, looking at their coverage of the report. The results were alas no more surprising than encouraging:


    We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN

    Urgent changes needed to cut risk of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty, says IPCC

    And the story is still at the top of the front page.

    Times & Sunday Times:


    Daily Mail Online:


    Le Monde:

    « Contenir le réchauffement à 1,5 °C suppose un changement radical de mode de croissance »

    That was the headline. But now you have to go to “Climat” to find it. There’s nothing on the home screen.

    Washington Post:

    “The media must cover this like it’s the only story that matters”

    But to find that you have to scroll half way down.

    New York Times:

    Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040

    Die Zeit:

    Klimarat fordert raschen Umbau der Weltwirtschaft

    Der IPCC-Bericht stellt klar: Die Erde erwärmt sich schneller und mit ernsteren Folgen als angenommen. Die 1,5-Grad-Grenze einzuhalten, ist jedoch “technisch möglich”.

    But you have to scroll down a long way to find it.


    ? – AdBlock rejected

    El PaĂ­s (both Spain & International)


    La Republica:

    Clima, il nuovo allarme degli scienziati Onu: “Servono misure eccezionali o sarĂ  il disastro”

    But you have to scroll down a long way to find it.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      love this thanks

      • Sir Charles Says:

        Me too. The longer clip is also on YouTube:

        I read an awful lot of comments there: Flat earthers, conspiracy theorists, moon landings have never happened, NASA is lying to make more $$$… you name it. It doesn’t wonder me a bit any more that this country is in deep denial. It’s a disgrace. Lunacy at its finest. I thought Americans were all patriots. So why are these illiterates then trying to discredit a state agency which has generated much reputation for the US? I’m just stunned about the amount of stupidity I’m facing there. That can’t be just “Russian trolls”. Misinformation by many mainstream media and an elite education system must have taken their toll.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Hmmmm. Once again, Chucky is disparaging the United States here in many ways, even saying “this country” as if he lived here and really understood it (which he doesn’t).

          “That can’t be just “Russian trolls” also sounds like deflection and distraction—-the kind of thing a Russian Troll would say.

          Sorry, but my well-tuned crap detectors wiggled over this. If Chucky doesn’t want to be accused of being a Russian Troll, he needs to stop sounding and acting like one on Crock—PERMANENTLY.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            The new “lazy” Chucky, in his ignorant and childish narcissism, chooses to not address any FACTS I have put forward, and instead posts the “facepalm”. As I have said before, Crock visitors (those who have IQ’s in the average to above range, that is) who see this think of it as not a comment about DOG but as a representation of Chucky hiding his face in shame at how inadequate he really is. Of course, Chucky simply can’t see that, so he continues to walk around in his demented rooster suit flapping his wings and crowing about his imagined victories. Sad.

            That still leaves unanswered my questions about why Chucky is so down on the U.S., and makes so many disparaging remarks about it and its institutions—-feeding dissension and unrest here where he is a visitor. Why is he such an attention-seeker who posts so many irrelevancies and inanities here and slips those Russian-Troll-like things in amongst them? Why is he now making a very bad attempt at piggy-backing on Grindup’s humor?

  4. grindupbaker Says:

    I’ve avoided washing for a coupe for weeks and postponed my annual dish wash.

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