Fridays for a Future: Greta Thunberg’s Climate Strike

September 28, 2018

13 Responses to “Fridays for a Future: Greta Thunberg’s Climate Strike”

  1. lracine Says:

    No coverage about Elon Musk and Tesla recently on this site.

    I have written about my concerns regarding Tesla and Musk being a con man. I have explained MPOV that our society does not need “glamor” cars for the rich but basic carbon neutral transportation for the masses. Carbon neutral, not just in the operation but in the building, construction, subcomponents etc etc.

    Here is a link to Reuters,

    US Regulators Sues Musk for Fraud.

    • Sir Charles Says:

      What have US regulators to do with the carbon footprint of EVs? Nothing. Musk’s Gigafactory is powered by renewables.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      “glamor” tech argument was frequently heard about solar panels until the costs dropped thru the floor, and continue to drop.
      Same argument could have applied to cell phones, digital cameras, flat screen tvs, computers or hundreds of other tech items that were first only available to wealthy early adopters.
      No question Musk has some powerful enemies, and may have scored some own-goals on himself recently, however, evidence suggests the giga factory is cranking out model 3s at the hoped-for pace at this time, and maybe most important, the entire auto industry has been jolted ahead in realizing that EVs are the future.

    • Abel Adamski Says:

      Iracine, on what basis do you accuse Musk of being a Con Man, Space X is real and saved the US Government $4 Billion Dollars last year alone for what it’s worth.
      Can you point us to a Car company that has gone from Being on the Verge of bankruptcy unable to raise any funds or finance and without the money to pay next weeks rent and Wages to being a volume mass vehicle producer in 12 years. Such that in Aug the model 3 was No 5 in all sedan sales (Not just EV’s) and in the sedan category by far the highest $Dollar value of sales, and now the factory seems sorted and Panasonic adding to the 13 Production lines for batteries (so Powerwall sales and Utility battery sales can recommence)the huge issue is delivery, not just for end Sept (Q3) but the volume of cars waiting to be delivered is growing even with Tesla Owners volunteering to assist with delivery and orientation (unheard of).
      At 7K per week there is a 30% margin on the premium models, 8K would not surprise for last week in Q3 judging by delivery hell and a 50K/month by end Q4c is feasible, plus the 4K/month of S and X.
      So you are looking at least for q4 30K * $50K (premium models)*30% = $500Million/month margin, now of course money is still going to be spent on expanding, R&D, and charging network so at least $1Billion up end Q4.

      I would say they are delivering, but being a growth company and only having a few years head start the focus must be increasing infrastructure and capacity worldwide meaning no or minimal dividends for maybe 5 years, but then a cash cow, so that figure of $4000 a share within 5 years is not fairy dust.

      The established auto industry have huge issues changing to EV’s their structure and equipment all has to change along with supply lines and dealer networks and they will initially at least be cannibalizing their own ICE customer base which provides the profits to fund the transition. Plus charging Network, Tesla owners can use anyone’s as well as Tesla, the obverse is not true

      For a clue from the perspective of a German Engineer with experience in the industry.

      Tesla, An Uncomfortable Wake-Up Call For Germany. All Hands On Deck!

      As a German engineer, I am today more than ever concerned about the ability of our auto industry to survive and prosper. I write this as a person who loves his country, the people, and my fast German car, a true masterpiece of technology.

      Your assumption, dear reader, is correct — I talk here about Tesla as an existential threat for the German automotive industry, and why that is real and backed up with facts.

      With 103,020 vehicles sold from Tesla in 2017, about 1% of the 10 million VW delivered, now is exactly the moment when you, dear reader, will call me a person that lost touch with reality. Allow me to explain. Invest a few minutes and make your judgement after that.

  2. indy222 Says:

    Greta’s video won’t play in Firefox, alas.

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