Climate’s Not Going to Communicate itself. Tips for Effective Comms

January 30, 2018

New handbook on climate communication from the IPCC has been released.

It follows the basic principles that those on the front lines have worked out over the past few decades.

  1. Be Confident – people will trust you more if you use an authentic voice
  2. Talk about the real world, not abstractions
  3. Connect with what matters to your audience
  4. Tell a human scale story – show the human face of science – your own story, perhaps
  5. Lead with the knowns, not the uncertainty
  6. Use effective visual communication – focus on the human side of the equation

The greatest advances have not been on the science, but on how we get the mass of people to understand it – see experts weigh in below.

Below, a few years ago, John Cook asked leading scientists to give their best “Elevator Pitch” on climate. They generally incorporate some best practices.




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