“It’s All Connected.” Jeff Goodell on Sea Level Rise

October 30, 2017

Above, Jeff Goodell on PBS talking about his long-time-coming book, The Water Will Come.
Jeff talks about a visit to Greenland, which is featured early on in the book. That was part of the first Dark Snow expedition in 2013.

Here, in video from that trip, I talked to Jeff as we had just touched down at a point near the calving wall of Illulisat (Jacobshaven) Glacier in Greenland. Jeff mentions the moment in the book, as we were standing on bare rock that had recently emerged from the melting ice, and quite possibly no humans had touched before.

Below, shortly after the interview above, we climbed back in the chopper, and flew along the glacier calving wall. Jeff had a window seat, and was trying to shoot with his iPhone – I handed him a camera, while continued to shoot from a front seat.


Tomorrow, how 2 cities, blue state, and red state, are planning for sea level rise.


6 Responses to ““It’s All Connected.” Jeff Goodell on Sea Level Rise”

  1. wpNSAlito Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the newly-exposed surface along the ice cap where they held the interview is covered with glacial “rock flour”, more low-albedo substance that can get blown over the ice.

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