Maher Interview: Paul Hawken and Project Drawdown

September 30, 2017

One Response to “Maher Interview: Paul Hawken and Project Drawdown”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    Hawken is doing what most big-name authors do, hyping a book that isn’t revolutionary, or anything remotely like comprehensive, though he says over and over that it’s both. And he’s not a very good communicator about it or the larger problem here. Drawdown does add some parts most people don’t think about, (refrigeration, eg) although every one has been mentioned by at least one other study, and there are enough flaws in the thinking on prioritizing here that that should be redone by someone else.

    Here are just a few places that give frameworks at least as complete as Drawdown but emphasizing different aspects of the problems and solutions. Some focus on technical solutions and completely ignore how to accomplish any of it politically, which drastically reduces their usefulness as models; some concentrate on communicating (almost all with bad advice) or politics but miss some of the main considerations. (the direness and need for speed, for many)

    The Climate Mobilization comes closest to completeness but many different examinations have to be combined.

    Key documents: several relevant ones here

    Emergency blueprint

    Leading into emergency mode

    Jacobsen’s studies on 100% renewable;
    Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT, Finland) recent addition to their series of 100% studies
    Lester Brown’s Plan B (4.0?)

    And Maher thinks it all comes down to voting? And that Democrats are the solution? As has been said many times, if voting made any difference it would be illegal. It’s been shown over and over and over that just voting isn’t going to change anything. Only mass peaceful revolution with a focus on climate will.

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