The Weekend Wonk: Tony Seba on Disruptive Energy Technologies

September 16, 2017

Get coffee and get comfortable. Prepare to have mind blown.

The above is an hour. If you’re in a hurry, or just want a taste – see 8 minute piece below on solar energy. 


3 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Tony Seba on Disruptive Energy Technologies”

  1. webej Says:

    I think there will be problems with materials, but I also think the technologies will be shifting. Very compelling. The exponential nature of these trends always surprises in the end.

  2. […] lifted from Peter at Climate Crocks. Thanks for the lead, Peter, you just delayed my Sunday work programme by an […]

  3. In Norway this past month, for the county I live in (Hordaland) – a whopping 43% of all cars sold were electric. And this is without Tesla Model 3 and the new Nissan Leaf just announced. One can only imagine how the next year will turn out when those are added to the selection of cars.

    I actually read that a lot of buyers in Norway are now getting used Nissan Leaf’s because the cars they want have too long delivery time and they are tired waiting. Most plan on upgrading when those are available then instead. You can get used Leaf’s rather cheaply here already and in my eyes should be a no-brainer if the range is good enough for you (have been for me for 3,5 years now so far).

    Change comes quick when its a major upgrade in technology, just like Tony Seba say – and what is interesting is how it can affect oil demands, and if countries like my own are ready for the change – certainly the government re-elected this year is not ready for such a change. Still have their heads in the sand.

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