Gallup: Climate Concern hits New High

March 14, 2017


Two Thirds of Americans now worry “a great deal”, or “a fair amount” about climate change – just in time for Vladimir Putin’s wrecking crew to begin dismantling (so they think) of our tools for dealing with it.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Record percentages of Americans are concerned about global warming, believe it is occurring, consider it a serious threat and say it is caused by human activity. All of these perceptions are up significantly from 2015.

Forty-five percent of Americans now say they worry “a great deal” about global warming, up from 37% a year ago and well above the recent low point of 25% in 2011. The previous high was 41%, recorded in 2007. Another 21% currently say they worry “a fair amount” about global warming, while 18% worry “only a little” and 16% worry “not at all.”

Pollster Ed Maibach of George Mason University had a similar analysis in December.

Gallup again:

Unusual weather, particularly record-breaking warm temperatures in the U.S. in recent years, may explain increases in public concern.

Gallup’s 2017 Environment survey was conducted March 1-5 on the heels of the country’s second-warmest February on record. The pattern was similar in March 2016 when Gallup recorded a five-percentage-point spike in the percentage of Americans who worried a great deal about global warming following that year’s unseasonably warm February.

In addition to warmer weather, anxiety about President Donald Trump’s environmental stance could be a factor in Americans’ heightened concern about global warming this year. The new poll found 57% of Americans saying Trump — who has called global warming a “hoax” — will do a poor job of protecting the environment. That far exceeds the percentages of Americans predicting the same for Barack Obama or George W. Bush at the start of each one’s first term.

Record High Believe That Effects of Global Warming Are Evident

Sixty-two percent of Americans now believe the effects of global warming have already begun to happen. That eclipses the previous high of 61% recorded in 2008 and is up from 49% in 2011.

26 Responses to “Gallup: Climate Concern hits New High”

  1. grindupbaker Says:

    Those curves above look a lot like GMST curves. Weird coincidence.

  2. I live in Tennessee. I can assure you, 45% of people here do NOT get worked up about global warming. I estimate based on just hearing folks, that a 10 – 20% of people think global warming is real at all, let alone worry about it. I’d like to see a state-by-state breakdown of these stats.

    • dumboldguy Says:


        • dumboldguy Says:

          Racist? On what evidence do you base that mindless retort?

          And you ARE a troll—–a simple mention of “Vladimir Putin’s wrecking crew” (which IS now hard at work dismantling the government of the USA) is enough to get you citing irrelevancies and attempting to confuse the discussion.

          Go back under your bridge and play with your Putin Matryoshka dolls—-keep looking and you will find the innermost one to be the devil.

          • webej Says:

            The comment about Vladimir Putin’s wrecking crew is completely gratuitous nonsense that harms the credibility of what is being said. Clapper just recently said that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, let alone Putin. There is no evidence and there never will be. It’s just mindless American reborn cold war McCarthy jingoist BS.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Vera’s pathetic little helper dweebyJ arrives to spew “gratuitous nonsense” in support of her transparent trolling for Putin.

            “….mindless American reborn cold war McCarthy jingoist BS….”?? I wonder what page that comes from in the Handbook of Mindless BS For Russian Trolls—-that’s the HMBSFRT, and its acronym even looks like a Russian propaganda agency’s.

            News flash heard on the radio while going to the bank and the supermarket. Charges have been filed in the 2014 Yahoo hacking case. And GUESS WHAT?? Two of those charged are RUSSIAN intelligence agency operatives.

            “NO evidence and there never will be”, says dweebyJ—–LMAO! What we will never have any evidence of is the charge that Obama wiretapped Trump in his Tower, which was only made by Trump to try to distract everyone from Trump’s ongoing disaster of a Dunning-Kruger presidency AND the question of his cooperation-collusion-partnership with Putin.

          • skeptictmac57 Says:

            webej- “Clapper just recently said that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, let alone Putin. ”

            I guess I missed this story. Could you provide your source please?

          • vierotchka Says:

            n an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says that there wasn’t evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump earlier this year.


          • dumboldguy Says:

            LOL. Nice try, sweetie, but one sentence out of 7+ minutes of discussion does not prove anything. Of course, as a good Russian troll, you will try to minimize and even ignore everything else that Clapper said here—-I look forward to the investigations that WILL expose the truth about the “Russian Connection”.

          • vierotchka Says:

            I wasn’t talking to you. Of course, you look forward to it, but you can wait, and wait, and wait, because there is no such evidence.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Who WERE you talking to, Vera? Yourself, obviously, because you are the only person on the planet who believes such bald assertions like “there is no such evidence”. Go back under your bridge.

          • skeptictmac57 Says:

            Ok, thanks for the link, but I have to say, that Clapper seemed to be treading very lightly on that specific issue, almost as if he had some knowledge that there is still something in the wind.
            But we will see.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            “Clapper seemed to be treading very lightly on that specific issue, almost as if he had some knowledge that there is still something in the wind. But we will see”.

            My point exactly. Clapper is now history, and that means that he can’t speak freely on what he DOES know and what will come out as the various investigations proceed, but he did give us some hints.

            “No collusion between Russia and Trump” says Vera? LOL again!

          • vierotchka Says:


            One of the most interesting disclosures concerns how the CIA can cover its tracks by leaving electronic trails suggesting the hacking is being done in different places — notably, in Russia. In fact, according to WikiLeaks, there’s an entire department dedicated to this. Its job is to “misdirect attribution” by leaving false fingerprints. If you’ve been at all skeptical about the recent levels of Russia-related hysteria, promoted heavily by U.S. intelligence agencies, alarm bells are probably going off in your head.

            Keeping these tactics in mind, the evidence presented to prove that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee in an effort to throw the presidential election to Donald Trump becomes flimsier than it was before. And it was pretty flimsy to begin with.

            Recall, for example, that cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike conveniently concluded within one day that the Russian government was behind the attack on the DNC servers. I say conveniently, because the DNC paid for CrowdStrike’s services — and it’s fair to say the DNC had an unhealthy fixation on all things Russia for the duration of the election cycle.

            The evidence provided by CrowdStrike included the fact that malware found on DNC servers was the same as malware believed to be used by Russian intelligence units, that metadata files included information in Cyrillic text, and that emails had been sent using the Russian email service Yandex. In other words, it was nothing the CIA couldn’t have done itself in order to “misdirect attribution.” What’s more, CrowdStrike actually admitted that it deliberately left out evidence that didn’t support its claims that Russia was responsible.


          • dumboldguy Says:

            SchwaD? Are you out there? Help me out on this? Vera says that Americans hack the Russians so that it appears the Russians are the culprits. Isn’t that exactly what the Russians doing dirty things would try to do to cover their tracks? Do dirty thing and try to deflect blame by claiming it was merely the CIA saying they did them?

            Keep opening those Putin Matryoshka dolls, Vera—-we’re doing it in the USA, and we’re getting closer to the devil with each layer we expose.

          • vierotchka Says:


            “If all evidence points to the Russians, then, with 100% certainty, it is not the Russians,” said McAfee. “Anyone who is capable of carrying out a hack of such sophistication is also capable, with far less effort than that involved in the hack, of hiding their tracks or making it appear that the hack came from some other quarter. The forensic tools used to assign culpability in a hack are well known, in the cybersecurity world, to be largely ineffective. They may, sometimes, correctly identify an unsophisticated 15 year old as the source of a hack, such as the teenager who hacked the FBI less than a year ago. But they are completely ineffective against large, sophisticated groups of hackers such as those run by the Russian State.”


  3. gasbuggy Says:

    I believe if the survey was limited to just Earth and biological scientists then all the end figures would be above 80%.

  4. indy222 Says:

    I think the fact that the “no warming since 1998” lie is now finally and thoroughly buried by the steep rise the past 3 years to +1.25C has something to do with the change in sentiment. Post-IPCC AR5 climate science on the future, from the higher ECS, the further quantifications of the permafrost carbon feedback, the Hansen, Sato et al 2016 predictions of the breakdown of the AMOC and advent of superstorms, the fact that CO2 will continue to rise even if all human CO2 emissions cease, and global temperatures will as well, the recent work of Oschlies and Keller showing that no geo-engineering proposals look promising for doing anything more than very minor effects on temperatures, individually…

    and I could go on and on… the more this information gets out into the public, the more we’ll see concern rise, and the higher the odds that we may actually do something besides lip service and begin to consider doing the painful changes necessary to make any difference.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      We may actually do something beyond lip service?

      Recent not-so-funny quip in the WashPost—–sign appearing on walls at the EPA, NOAA, NASA’s earth observation satellite offices—–DUE TO RECENT CUTBACKS, THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL HAS BEEN TURNED OFF

  5. dumboldguy Says:

    Recent poll taken in several foreign countries parallels the Gallup results.
    but with some disturbing pockets of ignorance, particularly about the “scientific consensus” on AGW.

    Click to access EPCC.pdf

  6. […] in greater numbers than ever before, believe that climate change is real, that it is a threat to them, and that humans are the cause. […]

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