“Weirdly Warm” 2017. Could we Set another record?

March 12, 2017

Both Zeke Hausfather, above, and Robert Rohde, below, have been members of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures group, formed by climate skeptic physicist Richard Muller – significantly, with funding from the Koch Brothers – that closely examined surface temperature records to finally settle, (at least in Muller’s mind), what every major scientific group has known for 40 years.

Yesterday, both of them tweeted observations about how global temperatures are playing out.

Normally, following a giant El Nino, such as we saw in 2015-16, we would expect a temporary drop in global temps, possibly with a complimentary, cooling La Nina event.
That is not what we see.

The question arises – will we set new global temperature records 4 years in a row?


Climate Central:

Here’s your monthly reminder: something just isn’t right in the Arctic. February continued a string of record or near-record monthly sea ice lows.

Warm weather ensured Arctic sea ice hit its lowest extent ever recorded for February. Sea ice covered 5.51 million square miles, which is 455,600 square miles below average or a chunk of missing sea ice four times the size of Italy. That just isn’t normal.



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