“Weirdly Warm” 2017. Could we Set another record?

March 12, 2017

Both Zeke Hausfather, above, and Robert Rohde, below, have been members of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures group, formed by climate skeptic physicist Richard Muller – significantly, with funding from the Koch Brothers – that closely examined surface temperature records to finally settle, (at least in Muller’s mind), what every major scientific group has known for 40 years.

Yesterday, both of them tweeted observations about how global temperatures are playing out.

Normally, following a giant El Nino, such as we saw in 2015-16, we would expect a temporary drop in global temps, possibly with a complimentary, cooling La Nina event.
That is not what we see.

The question arises – will we set new global temperature records 4 years in a row?


Climate Central:

Here’s your monthly reminder: something just isn’t right in the Arctic. February continued a string of record or near-record monthly sea ice lows.

Warm weather ensured Arctic sea ice hit its lowest extent ever recorded for February. Sea ice covered 5.51 million square miles, which is 455,600 square miles below average or a chunk of missing sea ice four times the size of Italy. That just isn’t normal.



13 Responses to ““Weirdly Warm” 2017. Could we Set another record?”

  1. MorinMoss Says:

    I think it’s too soon to tell but I’m fearful of what the Arctic will look like after this summer’s melt. Even if we don’t set another global average temp record, we could be headed for another dramatic drop in sea ice extent & volume.

    Given the current political kerfuffle in the USA and the almost certain neutering of the EPA, we may have to start considering geoengineering or praying for volcanos to erupt at appropriate intervals

  2. indy222 Says:

    We’ve tipped the point. The Arctic Ocean ice is in collapse and global temperatures are set to keep rising regardless of our small (in grand scheme of things) attempts at deploying new power plants which are solar and wind. For decades, our GHG’s have thinned Arctic Ocean ice, but without as much consequence because it was still solid and reflective in summer. Those days are over. It’ broken into snow-cone ice and disappearing rapidly, and taking global temperatures up with it, into the future. I don’t think we’ll see much of a pullback, if any, from the spike initiated, ultimately I expect, from the record 2012 melt.

  3. danialcblog Says:

    We have been expecting events like this but it doesn’t soften the blow when it happens.

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    For those bright-sided types like leslieg that go orgasmic over “projections” of EV growth and one passenger drones, these graphs should provide something to ponder.

    The temperature and ice data are not subject to the whims of the marketplace, economists, and scammers with “solutions”, but are an actual reality that we have seen coming for decades—-and it all looks to be both irreversible and accelerating as time goes on.

    Morin, Roger, Indy222, danial, and Earl all nail it, and Earl’s last line says it all.

    (Cue cries of “luddite” and “cynic” from those in denial)

    • lesliegraham1 Says:

      Grow up.
      It’s obvious what is happening in the EV market.
      Just basic observable current reality.
      But I do agree it’s too little too late.
      The two are not incompatible.
      The EV market and solar are experiencing explosive growth and will continue to do so.
      We as a species are fucked anyway.

      Please try to be just a little less infantile – your predictable tantrums whenever anyone dares to offer an opinion with which you disagree lowers the tone of this blog.
      Just stop.
      Get some self respect why don’t you.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Yep, “cue cries from those in denial”, was right on the money—-Leslieg must have a google alert for any mention of his name (just like Russell Cook), or he wouldn’t have responded so rapidly. Leslie is NOT in denial of climate change—-he actually understands it quite well, and he and I are in near complete agreement there, both on the science, and in our responses to denier bullshit.

        What he denies is the fact that HE is the one that simply cannot accept that HE is the one who needs to be “less infantile”, and stop throwing HIS “predictable tantrums whenever anyone dares to offer an opinion with which he disagrees”, which is what really “lowers the tone of this blog”.

        I am also disappointed that leslieg doesn’t even respect Crockers enough to come up with new terms of condescension and arrogance to use here as he proclaims his superiority. “Grow up. Just stop. Get some self respect why don’t you. You are an embarrassment. Just shut up.” have been used by leslieg innumerable times on the many many many comments he has posted on many dozens of sites. Google “lesliegraham climate change” and get MANY hits. You need go no further than leslie’s Discus Profile to see what an arrogant wanker he is. He has made hundreds of comments on over 50 sites in just the past few months—-so many in fact that one must wonder whether he is actually a “committee” of ANTI-climate change denial trolls being paid by some good guy to counter the denier morons.

        It’s also too bad that he seems to be having an argument with himself, as evidenced by :

        It’s obvious what is happening in the EV market.
        Just basic observable current reality.
        The EV market and solar are experiencing explosive growth and will continue to do so.

        as opposed to:

        But I do agree it’s too little too late.
        We as a species are fucked anyway.

        What is “obvious” in the “observable current reality” is that the global use of fossil fuels is declining very slowly and “explosive” growth of EV and solar from a small base will not counter that in time. And leslie DOES seem to recognize that.

        What I don;t understand is why someone who basically “gets it” simply cannot resist being bright-sided. Here are two more schemes from scammers that I’m sure leslie will get behind and praise as much as he did the “flying coffin” drone.



        What we really need is some kind of invention that will capture the energy leslie expends on tapping his computer keys during his uncountable postings. I’m sure it would generate enough electricity for whole blocks of flats in the UK.

  5. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    After 3 yearly records in a row, I would be gobsmacked (yet again) if 2017 also follows suit.

    As for the Arctic, it’s toast:

  6. […] team, which is ironically funded by the Koch Brothers and was formed by climate skeptic Richard Muller, has done preliminary global temperature estimates and found that February of 2017 was the second […]

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