Trump Again Proves Link Between Racism, Climate Denial

June 8, 2016


Sometimes the universe keeps making things crystal clear. Like a warming planet, and exactly who the people are that continue to deny it.

While tying themselves into knots to support Donald Trump’s aggressively racist campaign, Republicans continue to demonstrate what I’ve been noting for years. Racism and climate denial are joined at the hip.

There could be no clearer demonstration of this than Climate Denier and racist Donald Trump’s current campaign.  Mr Trump has managed to convincingly bring White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, homophobes, misogynists and anti-science zealots all happily together in the same big tent.  We can at least thank him for making the associations so vivid.

New poll from Gallup makes the divide even clearer.  It’s not an accident. The organizations funded by Exxon and others set out 30 years ago to make climate science another hot button in the culture war that began with the Voting Rights Act some 60 years ago.

The Hill:

Climate change is the most divisive issue among United States voters’ rankings of policy areas by importance, a new survey found.

The Gallup poll found that 72 percent of Democrats think climate change is a very important or extremely important in how they will vote in this year’s elections, compared with 25 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of independent voters.

The 47-point spread between Democrats and Republicans was the highest of any issues for which Gallup polled.

“Real” journalists are well trained to ignore this particular gorilla, but I’ve made the point many times that there is a large cross over between climate deniers and racists. One thing we can thank Donald Trump for is making that very, very, clear.

I report. You decide:


Case in point: The well known Climate denier who calls himself “Steven Goddard”, and proudly flies a Confederate symbol on his anti-science blog, is a rabid Trump supporter.






Here, examination of climate denier Ted Cruz’s admiration for Jesse Helms, one of the 20th century’s greatest champions of segregation and racism.


Below, Colin Powell urges the GOP to knock off both racism and climate denial.

When I attended the Heartland Climate Denial conference in 2012, Lord Monckton, then still in his heyday, made birtherism a major focus of his presentation, the crowd, including a prominent GOP congressman, cheered wildly. (about 4 minutes in)


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