Climate Change: The Elevator Pitches

June 6, 2016

One thing this series aims at is to constantly push to find new ways to humanize the scientists and the science of climate.

When John Cook and I filmed interviews at the 2014 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco, at the end of each segment, John asked the experts to give their best elevator pitch – a quick primer in 10 floors –  on the science of climate change.

Some of the best minds on the planet took a crack.

It’s the kind of thing you only get here, and only because loyal readers have pitched in and helped out.


8 Responses to “Climate Change: The Elevator Pitches”

  1. andrewfez Says:

    @Eric Rignot: The young people are trying like heck to change it by electing Bernie Sanders to the Dem nomination, but they’re up against the strongest establishment and propaganda machine in the history of the world. I’ll be voting Sanders tomorrow in the CA primary, and then, like last time, I’ll be voting Green Party in November if Sanders doesn’t make the cut.

    For everyone else that’s into personal responsibility and not afraid to cut a hole in their wall, here’s a $1700 A/C heat pump unit that works directly off solar (and sips lightly off of the Grid as well). Looks like you’d need three 300W panels and a little help from an electrician, but you’d be cutting down your central A/C use, the biggest electricity waster in the home:

    • otter17 Says:

      I have donated to Sanders’ campaign, and as much a supporter as the next Bernie or Bust type. Still, if maintaining AGW action progress to date is a goal, then the defeat of Donald Trump is a necessary step towards that. Clinton will need all the help she can get in a general election matchup with him, at least as the recent data show, and I would be one to help her. I’m technically registered Green Party, too, though more as an opting out of the two-party system shenanigans and to keep options open.

      It seems Sanders ought to stay in it, because he is doing relatively well, and there is a slim chance that a turn away from Clinton in the super delegates could happen. Albeit, any indictment of Clinton or a realization in the DNC that Sanders has the better political skill and polling to match up against Trump are both long odds, but at least a longer battle keeps the public and media interest on their issues longer, including possibly more time for AGW policy coverage if it comes up. That being said, while a spirited debate of ideas all the way to the end helps keep Sanders rolling in case of a Clinton fallout, it shouldn’t impede the primary goal after the convention dust settles… defeat the demagogue Donald Trump.

  2. otter17 Says:

    I personally love these elevator pitches, a great idea, but the pushback I get from some folks I know that are in a denial state is that they feel they are just a cherry-picking of a few scientists opinions on the matter and that an elevator pitch by a type like Roy Spencer or Pat Michaels would cancel them out. Granted, this is where the citations to Anderegg, Cook, Doran and Zimmerman, etc, etc, come in to the conversation (as well as the citations for fossil fuel and think tank affiliation come into play for Spencer, Michaels, etc).

    Still, I was wondering if such a video exists out there of a rapid-fire short video clips showing scientists with name/credientials on screen saying one sentence concerning their paraphrase of “AGW is a current issue that ought be mitigated since warming is occurring now, will continue, and caused primarily by humanity’s release of GHGs”. Then maybe cap it off with text citations of the Anderegg, etc, studies.

    Would be a powerful message, five to seven second clips of 100 scientists would be about a 10 minute video, but that would be quite the effort to get the video clips. Just wondering aloud.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I’ve got a lot of interviews on file, but it’s going thru them all to find the right quote that’s a bear. Intern needed.

      • otter17 Says:

        Haha, for sure. I think what may be just as good is to link to the “greenmanbucket” and the main Youtube collection to see the whole slew of interviews you have from those scientists that are explaining the evidence confirming AGW. That in itself shows a powerful message.

        If it is a concept worth pursuing, maybe could crowd source some volunteer effort to the readers to find video title, time stamp of quote, scientist name and university, etc. Could search out videos from news outlets, conferences, etc, from the wider internet as well, I suppose.

        • greenman3610 Says:

          not a bad idea

          • otter17 Says:

            Yeah, I have been seeing a good deal of videos on a Youtube (maybe even a majority) spouting “97% fraud” in some search results on the topic, and web page searches don’t fair too well either, with the usual suspect blogs popping up. I think some folks can more easily deny a scientific method type of study on consensus rather than the more visceral name/face put to a statement of fact, maybe even a couple hundred names/faces added to the video montage as it is updated over time. Of course start small. I can count something like ten to fifteen quotable interviews that clearly indicate the scientist acknowledges that AGW is a threat from just browsing through a few of your montage-type videos. Heck, I just wrote down a list of 25 off the top of my head that I know I have seen before in an interview with what would probably be a great quote affirming significant AGW.

            I’m sure with a small booth/announcement at a conference like AGU, one could find many scientists willing to take a minute or two to give their name, credentials, and a five to ten second statement acknowledging AGW as a significant issue.

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