Terrifying Colorado Tornado Footage

May 10, 2016

Best storm chasing footage I have seen.

11 Responses to “Terrifying Colorado Tornado Footage”

  1. grindupbaker Says:

    If it was terrifying then why were the kids laughing all the time ?

    • vierotchka Says:

      They were not kids, and they were not laughing all the time. Only laughter was in the last bit of the video, that kind of laughter comes from thrills – kind of like the laughter of those who laugh on roller-coasters.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    That IS the best storm chasing footage. The fact that the tornado seemed to follow the road and they were able to trail it helped. The paved roads are few and far between over in that corner of CO.

    We are now having our 15th. consecutive day of rain in the DC Metro area—-that’s a record, or at least it is since they started keeping good records in 1871. We’ve had days of consecutive downpours and flooding in Texas. We have had almost constant strings of tornadoes all across the south and midwest, Alberta is burning, Greenland is melting earlier than ever, Arctic sea ice looks to be headed for a new low, severe droughts are impacting India and other places. The list of “extremes” gets bigger all the time, and all are “reported” on by the “news” shows in the simplest way, mainly as sensational “ratings booster” video.

    A question. Why doesn’t the media ever ask scientists WHY all these unprecedented events are occurring and report on their answers?

    • I blame Kelly Ripa 😉

    • “… Why doesn’t the media ever ask scientists WHY all these unprecedented events are occurring and report on their answers?”

      ……. because they are not unprecedented?

      Tornado causes 213 deaths: http://tinyurl.com/hxtyqce

      Canadian mega-fire smoke seen over Scotland: http://tinyurl.com/zt3dugm

      I’m big on movie quotes. Rremember the line from the Shawshank Redemption, where Boggs says, “Where do you get this [stuff]?” To which Dufresne replies, “I read it. You know how to read?”

      The real question is, just how many additional vintage newspaper accounts would you fellows be able to find on your own about massive weather disasters which occurred before your precious AGW issue popped up?

      Btw, remember that deal about CNN being chastised by ‘industry’ about tying a flood to AGW? Yeah, right. That narrative holds up really well when you start dissecting it: http://gelbspanfiles.com/?p=1081

      • dumboldguy Says:

        (First note that Russell is once again HACKING the “thumbs” feature of WordPress and giving himself “ups” and others “downs”. He thinks this is funny. I think it’s ongoing proof of what a sorry and demented POS Russell really is. Anyone who visits Crock regularly KNOWS that NO ONE ever gives Russell a “thumbs up”).

        Russell looked in the “Climate/weather has always been changing and it’s been hot-cold-wet-dry in the past” section of his Bullshit for Denier Trolls Handbook for obfuscatory, misleading, and meaningless “evidence” to cite in this comment.

        His two “citations” lead back to Steve Goddard and his “real climate science” site that was so named to try to siphon people off from a legitimate climate change discussion site with a similar name—-Real Climate. Sneaky of Russell, but then again “Sneaky” is his middle name.

        The first citation—on tornadoes in the South—-goes back to 1936 (yes EIGHTY years ago) and is headlined “478 deaths”, not 213—-I’m sure the 265 who according to Russell DIDN’T die (and their descendants) are grateful for that. The second citation—on smoke from fires in Alberta—- only goes back to 1950, a mere 66 years ago. I’m surprised that Russell hasn’t “cited” the great flood of Noah’s time as evidence of something that “proves” one of his delusional points.

        And it is no surprise that Russell is “big on movie quotes”. It has been obvious from the day he appeared on Crock that he is more comfortable living in a fictional world than in the world of real science. Yes, Russell would rather distract, deflect, and obfuscate than discuss the UNPRECEDENTED things that are happening on the planet.

        What is NOT unprecedented is Russell’s ongoing spewing of BS, and his never-ending attempts to get Crockers to go to his own sorry-ass blog—-GlobsofS**Tfiles.com—-and risk brain damage. As I’ve said, folks, I will go there so you don’t have to (remember I have developed a certain immunity from dealing with adolescents in the schools for thirty years).

        I have ventured into the darkness on GlobsofS**Tfiles.com and returned with minimal damage. I will respond to Russell’s CNN BS in a separate comment once I have fully recovered. In the meantime, you may want to visit here and sign the petition chastising CNN for its poor job on reporting climate change—-I did.


      • dumboldguy Says:

        Small print and warnings up front—-this is based on my venture onto the GlobsofS**Tfiles.com site once again. I am glad to report that after a somewhat restless night’s sleep I seem to be fully recovered.

        “Warning: Visiting GlobsofS**Tfiles.com can be dangerous to your health. Common side effects are confusion, drooling, diarrhea, reduced cognitive abilities, and suicidal thoughts. Seek medical attention immediately if symptoms persist for more than 4 hours. Do NOT ask your mental health provider if GlobsofS**Tfiles.com is right for you—they may declare you hopeless and drop you as a patient”

        Anyone who is interested in pursuing the CNN-climate change discussion should go here: http://mediamatters.org/blog/2014/05/23/is-cnn-blaming-viewers-for-the-channels-lack-of/199446

        Another interesting link discusses how CNN considers ANNE COULTER to be a climate change “expert”. Yes, they really do. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/cnn-climate-change-expert (Anne Coulter)

        Back to Russell’s link to his own horseshit. Russell concludes a long and confused piece that is full of straw men and perverse logic with this gem:

        “Gelbspan weaves a fantastic tale of industry corruption in a single 199 word-long six sentence paragraph at Mother Jones. Take substantive time to dig through it, as much of a chore as that is, and you see how none of what he says lines up right”.

        I find it truly amazing that Russell has built a whole life around “a single 199 word-long six sentence paragraph at Mother Jones”, in spite of all the information that has come out proving that EXXON KNEW, the Koch brothers support denialism, and AGW is progressing at an UNPRECEDENTED pace (to say nothing of the fact that all of his “evidence” goes back 10 or 15 years or more and evokes the questions “Ross Who?” and “Isn’t GCC the company that sells vitamins in malls?”. The GCC DIED over 15 years ago, and was known as perhaps the most blatant propaganda arm of the fossil fuel interests. Work on that exit plan, Russell—-you’re going to need it soon.

      • “… so named to try to siphon people off from a legitimate climate change discussion site with a similar name—-Real Climate. …” So from “d.o.g.”‘s standard of deduction, it is fair to say Russell Seitz’ “VVatts Up With That” and Ben what’s-his-name’s “Wotts Up With That” have exactly the same purpose? Oh, puh-lease, say something that your own pals here can stand behind.

        Notice further how “d.o.g.” didn’t take the time to read all the way to the bottom of that 1936 article for the 213 deaths point. Again, Crocks readers here might ask “d.o.g.”, “You know how to read?” But then they might think to themselves, “golly, d.o.g. didn’t dispute that other large or larger weather events happened in the past before this current global warming craze became popular.”

        Then there is his diatribe about my CNN piece. Notice again, he did not dispute what I spelled out there: The claim that CNN was pressured not to report about weather events in relation to AGW is contradicted by CNN reporting about weather events in relation to AGW. Worse, “d.o.g.” seems to be oblivious to how condescending his line is about ‘don’t worry your pretty little heads, I’ll go look at GelbspanFiles.com and tell you what you should think about it.’ Friends, “d.o.g.” is not your master, you are free to go deep into my blog and see for yourselves whether the 100+ posts are nothing but me ‘building a whole life around a single 199 word-long six sentence paragraph at Mother Jones.’

        Who’s obfuscating here? The guy telling you that what happened in the past in regard to the smear of skeptic climate scientists is “nothing to see there, move along” via false premise assertions, or the guy who says the current “let’s-nail-Exxon-this-year” people are some of the same folks from 20 years back who pinned the same target on the Western Fuels Association? ( http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/04/the_usual_suspects_in_the_persecution_of_global_warming_skeptics.html )

        Friends, you are the ones needing an exit strategy because this last-ditch RICO effort is coming apart at the seams, and it will take down the rest of the AGW movement. One day you will thank me for freeing you from the shackles of a narrow ideology that prevents you from spending time on REAL environmental/social problems – e.g. http://wisconsingazette.com/2016/04/14/greenpeace-documents-abuses-in-taiwans-tuna-fisheries/

  3. painedumonde Says:

    Feckin’ Ceiling Cat! Amazing.

  4. Probably nobody will read this after RC came in and stank up the joint, but as cool as the tornado video is, those guys were way TOO CLOSE! If you’ve got the time, there is a great ~90-minute documentary, Should You Go South? Safety Lessons From El Reno ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJOjjzHUwsk ) by storm chaser Skip Talbot. The best analysis I’ve seen about what happened to the storm chasers injured or killed by the 2013 El Reno storm. Features some remarkable GPS tracking of storm chaser’s positions versus the tornado and animated radar overlays–and how you have to be careful of the Bear’s Cage, the Ghost Train, RFD, and anticyclonic tornadoes. Skip’s narration is laconic but highly informative.

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