Andrew Dessler: Water Vapor and Climate – Part 1

January 21, 2016

More from my December, 2015 interview with Andrew Dessler Phd, of Texas A&M. I found his discussion of water vapor particularly valuable – it is something he knows in greater depth than most.  Part one here, part 2 soon.

Below, my own take on the “Water Vapor controls climate” crock:


3 Responses to “Andrew Dessler: Water Vapor and Climate – Part 1”

  1. […] Sinclair has video interview with Andrew Dessler about water vapour and climate. The video doesn’t really say anything all that surprising. We are now reasonably sure that […]

  2. grindupbaker Says:

    When climate scientists say that water vapour “approximately doubles” any prior forcing, they are saying that water vapour feedback is approximately 50%, because it’s 50% + 25% + 12.5% + 6.25% + 3.125% + 1.5625% + 0.78125% +… = 100% total. If it were much >50% feedback then it would amplify until the oceans were vapourized.

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