New Video: “What Exxon Knew”

December 8, 2015

The most sickening story of the millennium.

12 Responses to “New Video: “What Exxon Knew””

  1. The “heat is on” those who have lied for years for the fossil fuel industry. I hope ALL OF US….will do two things:

    1) Make sure that CURRENT AND FUTURE energy policy promotes the phasing out of fossil fuels AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE

    2) Hold those accountable….who have been LYING for years and decades.

    If a fraudulent news organization like FOX News has been lying about global warming for 25 years….what else are they lying about NOW?

    FOX News: “Where truth and journalism are dead.”

  2. Ron Voisin Says:

    Carl Sagan’s comments are remarkable:
    Given the threat that may exist, what should we do…
    Nothing, and hope for the best, or
    A bunch of really expensive things, the net result of which will be meaningless to climate stability.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Ronnie’s back! And regaling us with his mindless OPINIONS again. Why can’t he stay over with Watts on WUWT where his mindlessness is welcome and apparently valued by the ignorant masses that lurk there?

      And leave it to an “engineer” to work his mental slide rule and come up with “should we do a bunch of really expensive things, the net result of which will be meaningless to climate stability”, which opinion is not worth shooting any more holes in than it already displays.

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      “A bunch of really expensive things, the net result of which will be meaningless to climate stability.”

      It takes a true-blood ignoramus to distort the words of Sagan in such a crass fashion.

    • When even the pusher is now partially confirming it’s bad for you, and you still resort to denial, this clearly shows the addiction problem is stronger than you can handle. I would recommend seeking medical help, because your actions are affecting innocents around you in a bad way.

  3. Reblogged this on Move for Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jam and commented:
    From Peter Sinclair. A video dissecting what Exxon knew in 1982 (if not earlier). Everything that our climate activists (including Al Gore) were saying was borne out by Exxon’s early predictions. Meanwhile, engaged in a People’s Trial of Exxon over the weekend. Held in France as part of the COP21 Summit, the prosecutors were Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben. Information about the trial of Exxon is here:

    I will post video of the event when it becomes available. In the meantime this short clip will let you know the kind of beehive that’s been kicked since the revelations about Exxon were first publicized..

  4. indy222 Says:

    Excellent journalism, Peter – yours I mean! Scanning the documents, making use of every second of time and image. Truly excellent. We need to stick you in a 3D copier and make a few thousand of you and then do a clean sweep of those poser-journalists out there.

    Well done – and yeah, sickening.

  5. Lionel Smith Says:

    Brilliant production, many thanks. A good one to send some of the idiots still eschewing the evidence in blog comments to.

  6. […] Peter Sinclair over at Climate Denial Crock of the Week has a fantastic video about Exxon’s study of global warming in the 1980’s. […]

  7. Crimes against humanity

  8. I’ve said it before, but I think it’s worth considering again. I have a hard time believing profit is the only motive behind Exxon’s deceptions. Maybe I am just being naive, but I wonder if executives heard their own scientists’ expressing fear and internalized it to mean we’re already screwed, so why not ride the profits as far as possible before all hell breaks loose.

    People who put profits above humanity do it through self-justification, and this explanation seems plausible to me.

  9. […] le maggiori compagnie petrolifere del mondo. In realtà, già dalla fine degli anni ’70, la Exxon aveva condotto studi scientifici che legavano senza ombra di dubbio la CO2 al Riscaldamento…, e paventavano gli scenari a cui stiamo andando incontro; ma non li ha mai resi pubblici. Per […]

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