April 3, 2014

Compare to CBS.

In the case of CNN, it might have been better for the IPCC to scatter the recent report over the Indian Ocean to increase coverage.


NBC Nightly News Leads With Climate Report, Continuing Improved Coverage. On March 31, NBC Nightly News led with the IPCC report, featuring an interview with two climate scientists who contributed to the report. NBC devoted more time to the study than either ABC World News or CBS Evening News. This coverage was consistent with an improving trend in NBC’s climate coverage. In 2013, NBC Nightly News covered climate change four times more than it had in 2012 and gave greater time to scientists, according to an analysis byMedia Matters. [Media Matters1/17/14; NBC, NBC Nightly News3/31/14]

Al Jazeera And MSNBC Devote Far More Time To Climate Report Than CNN. CNN largely ignored the report in its daytime and primetime coverage. According to a search of internal TV archives, CNN devoted just 1 minute and 37 seconds to the report between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. on March 31 and between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. on April 1. In these news briefs, CNN did not host any guests on the topic. By contrast, MSNBC devoted nearly 27 minutes of coverage to the report, including a discussion with climate scientist Michael Mann onThe Reid Report, and Al Jazeera devoted over 35 minutes to the report.


14 Responses to “NBC on IPCC”

  1. You should see Steven’s episode 4-2-14
    He invent two new terms:
    The Greenhouse effect and the Greensenate effect


    • dumboldguy Says:

      Thank god for Colbert and Jon Stewart. The country owes them a great debt for speaking truth on so many things.

      Re: the substance of this post—I second the idea that NBC is running way ahead of the others on reporting on AGW and climate change. I watch 60 Minutes out of habit—I have been watching it since the very first broadcast, and it occasionally does some great reporting, but not on AGW any more.

      PS In all the yada-yada about the McCutcheon Decision striking down campaign contribution limits, I have heard no mention of the fact that McCutcheon is the owner of Coalmont Electrical Development, a company that provides services to the coal industry. He is also a “Republican activist”. Any bets on whether a Koch brother or two are behind the whole thing? Adelson?

  2. Yet, let’s not leave out the other nut jobs that are in overdrive.

    In the misinformation category my number one pick is from
    Keith Schaefer – Editor/Publisher- Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin

    “It’s the Real Inconvenient Truth—right now the world is getting colder. And it’s likely to get even colder for the next 20 years—before a new, stronger cycle of sunspots begins, as they have for eons. They are statistically very, VERY accurate.”


    In second is our old favorite The Heartland Institute
    “The IPCC’s Latest Report Deliberately Excludes And Misrepresents Important Climate Science”


    • dumboldguy Says:

      You gave ruined my day with these links. The ignorance and outright idiocy displayed by Shaefer is hard to believe. There are many other quotable idiotic remarks in this piece. Do people actually rely on him for investment advice? Reading some of the comments, I am forced to conclude that a lot of ignorant people DO apparently follow him.

      The Heartland Institute has outdone itself with the number and depth of the lies in the Forbes piece. It is so shrill and so full of lies that it may be a sign of desperation on their part—-I hate to wish for it, but I hope that 2014 and 2015 may be so full of evidence for the truth of AGW that these kind of people are finally recognized as the nut jobs they are. We need wake-up calls before it’s too late.

    • These people remind me more and more of quack doctors. It’s clear they are selling a story to keep up the funding the fossil fuel companies just like any quack would tell you they have a miracle cure with no substantial scientific evidence to back their claim. It’s sad that so many people go through life accepting they are supposed to “believe” this and that when they are perfectly equipped with brains that can be trained to do skeptical thinking. In the age of supposedly enlightenment people are getting dumber by the day.

  3. redskylite Says:

    The NBC clip was good, at least some of the mainstreams are beginning to report fairly,

    More unusual weather, deaths and misery:
    Something to see here don’t move on !

    “This level of flooding is unusual. I’ve spoken to older people who lived on the island and they have said they’ve never seen anything like this before,” Save the Children’s Solomons head of logistics, Graham Kenna, told Al Jazeera.

    Fears of dengue fever was a major concern in the evacuation camps.

    “Dengue fever was an already growing crisis here before the flooding. It is getting worse and worse and I predict that the fever will skyrocket when the place dries up,” Kenna said. “We are trying to put in place and bring medical teams from Australia as there is only one hospital on the island where the capital is.”



  4. astrostevo Says:

    Here inOz ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation aka Aunty) plus SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) are excellent sources on this.

    For instance ABC’s Lateline had this :


    discussion recently between Ross Garnaut vs Mining baron turned politican and tax deadbeat Clive Palmer.

  5. astrostevo Says:

    Plus check out the ABC’s page of Climate Change stories in the Science category here :


    Has quite a lot of interesting articles and makes a good resource and reference though obviously Aussie focussed.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      If by “cover”, you mean report honestly about it, not Faux News, that’s for sure.

      I have lived in the DC area for 45 years, and am greatly saddened to see that Doug McElway has sold out and gone to the dark side with Faux News. When Doug did local news here in DC, he was a likable and honest guy. Anyone who is now touting the NGIPCC as something credible is neither. RIP Honest Doug.

      PS The comment string on this link is absolutely unbelievable in the mindlessness and ignorance so many commenters display—I will never again feel the slightest bit of remorse when I dump on Faux News viewers. Looking at this bunch, they ARE the bottom of the barrel.

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