Gravity Exists. Earth is Round. Climate Change is Happening. Which Outrages Deniers Most?

August 13, 2013



None of the above. What outrages them the most is that the black guy is president.


11 Responses to “Gravity Exists. Earth is Round. Climate Change is Happening. Which Outrages Deniers Most?”

  1. I’m amazed that some still rant on and on about Al Gore whenever climate change is mentioned…

  2. daryan12 Says:

    Gravity is a liberal myth. The bible clearly states (Corinthians…somewhere down the back 😉 ) that all objects are attracted towards the centre of the earth by virtue of the great sky lord’s divine power. Issac Newton was a known liberal scientific “activist” with an agenda. Same goes for Einstein.

    The scary thing is, change a word or two and that looks exactly like the response you’ll get from some people as regards evolution or climate studies.

  3. It’s not “Al Gore”. It’s “Algore” which gives it that added negative association with them Muslims.

    Also, I thought the Earth was an oblate spheroid…

    • Sir Charles Says:

      Yeah. And it may also turn out that the Moon is actually made of cheese and that we can, therefore, stop the costly business of feeding so many cows. We can reduce our milk production and, instead, simply establish a rocket rail to transport the cheese to Earth.

      This will also be good for the manufacturing industry as a rather large number of rockets will be needed and it will open a new career path for unemployed cowherds in crewing the rockets.

      A win, win…

      BTW, any news from Peter Hadfield AKA potholer54?

  4. toby52 Says:


    Go, Al!

  5. Conservatives need someone to hate. It’s a fallout of the tribalism inherent in their world view.
    As long as that someone is our president, then the rest of the world is safe from attack.

  6. omnologos Says:

    He forgot the fourth truism. “Whatever we’ve been trying to do to mitigate climate change, has turned into an expensive, often murderous failure”.

    So many failures, so little space on Twitter!

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