#DenialGate – Get it All Here

February 16, 2012

Discussions of the Heartless Documents


11 Responses to “#DenialGate – Get it All Here”

  1. Saw Dr. Mann in Long Beach last night. He was in a particularly chipper mood… Can’t help but think that “Deniergate” brightened his day.

  2. Hickman’s gone MIA today of all days. I wonder if he’s the first victim of this sorry story.

  3. philip64 Says:

    A sorry story? I don’t think so. Rather, a story that demonstrates unambiguously that the most well-funded organisations opposed to action on change are driven not by an alternative scientific view, or even by ‘health skepticism’, but by political ideology. And, of course, by the prospect of being handsomely paid for their trouble.

    The science is all on the other side of the argument, and with it, of course, the facts.

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  5. ozonator Says:

    Legal terrorism via Santorum’s brain aka Cornwall Alliance aka Roy’d-rage’ Spencer –

    “Feb 16, 2012 … I Heart Heartland … By Dr. Roy Spencer … February 16th, 2012 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. … I know Joe Bast, the president and CEO of Heartland. … less than half of my normal speaking fee. … the role of David in its battle against the Goliath multi-billion dollar climate alarmist machine” (Editorial and reality abuse by Joseph ‘EIB coli cocktail wiener’ D’Aleo, CCM, IUD, IED, BMF, STD, H1N1, HPV, SIDs, failed state free lunch predictor, laundering t-GOP via paypal, HIV, and ExxonKoch approved TV weather presenter aka another pseudo-scientist, denier, and corporate whore; new web crimes against humanity, nature, and big oil & small snake wrestling with assistant coach Joe Bastardi since March 11, 2011; icecap.us).

  6. Philip – if the money follows ideology, we all know where most money is, and it isn’t with Heartland.

    • owlbrudder Says:

      Soooo … lemme guess … the Big Money is with The Worldwide Conspiracy Of Scientists, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Teachers and Anyone Not Supporting The Tea Party. Yeah, sounds credible to me. Not.

  7. Owlbrudder – wrong guess. The vast majority of climate conspiracy theorists about climate change are on the warmist side, and as if to confirm the rule, I’m neither.

    Perhaps you believe (I don’t) in Big Oil and Big Coal uniting with the GOP, Cato and other nefarious entities to give Heartland 6M$ (we know Big Gas isn’t in as they alone gave 26M$ to the Sierra Club). I guess philip64 is of the same opinion, only refuses to take his (not mine) thoughts to their logical conclusion.

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  9. orkneylad Says:

    Well Gleick has just destoyed his career, faking protocol-esque documents & breaking CA law using identity theft.

    Game over.

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