Think Illegal Immigration is Bad Now? Somalia a Glimpse of a “Global Weirding” World

July 15, 2011

13 Responses to “Think Illegal Immigration is Bad Now? Somalia a Glimpse of a “Global Weirding” World”

  1. justsomeguy31167 Says:

    But what has caused the warming, a very well argued peer -reviewed analysis seems to shows much, maybe even most, of the warming may not due to AGW.

    • kokuaguy Says:

      Wait a minute, justsomeguy — if I’m reading the abstract of your article correctly, it says “up to one third of the late twentieth century warming could have been a consequence of natural variability.” Maybe one third amounts to “much”, but it certainly is not close to “most.”That leaves 2/3 or more due to green house gases. Do you want to go back and take another look at your study?

      • justsomeguy31167 Says:

        I can read, can you? The system is much more complex than CO2 up, heat increasing expotentially, which is my only point. Nothing like facts. Try them.

  2. Okay. The position that there’s a larger surface temperature increase (global warming) uncertainty caused by radiative forcing relative to natural oscillations than published in the IPCC AR4 report may be valid. However, these peer reviewed studies do not challenge the certainty of how rapidly heat is accumulating (global heating) as a function of man-made GHG emissions. How and where the heat circulates through the environment is the purpose of many ongoing projects.

    • justsomeguy31167 Says:

      These particular studies do not, but other facts cut against any tipping point theory or idea that if we dont change now we all die, form the miniscule increases in sea level to the fact that average sea ice has only decreased slightly.

      Quit the sky is falling crap and look at the science.

      • I do devote a lot of time “looking” at the science, including reading the articles you referred to. In pointing out a simple fact, I did not dispute their hypothesis. Rather than stay on topic, you veered into hyperbolic emotionalism (“we’re going to die”, “sky is falling”). How well do you understand the science? Who are you? What motivates your determination? Engage in an intelligent linear dialog, stop hiding behind a screen name, or expect to be ignored.

  3. kokuaguy Says:

    Aloha Peter,
    I’ve been fighting the good fight on my favorite internet hang-out — — for a couple of years. By now those who comment on GW stories are familiar with my passionate support of AGW climate science, and my habit of posting links to your awesome climatecrocks website on an almost daily basis. If you haven’t visited the site yet you can find one of my popular summaries on the “Newser By Users” grid — scroll down a little way on the approved writer’s page and look for the story by kokuaguy with a picture of the lonely penguin. Anyway, I’m now feeling a call to start bringing the climatecrocks message to a site called newstalkers — it’s one of the Grouply sites. I’m finding a level of skepticism and outright science denial that I did not expect, and telling all the regulars that I will discuss their links and theories if they will spend an hour on So you can perhaps expect the more than usual of the kind of comments here that make us reach for the blood pressure medicine or feel an irresistible urge to dash out the door and take a long walk.
    Right now I’m looking at this article by Rich Scott: AGW and the Rational Mind
    I’m trying to work up the energy to start researching the links that discuss something the “soot model.” Any suggestions?

    • kokuaguy Says:

      And if I did not thank you for the recent help in debunking the lie about green jobs killing regular jobs … please forgive me. I cannot thank you enough for the almost immediate response with all the correct answers, as usual.

      • greenman3610 Says:

        I’m on the road this weekend with not enough time.
        please bump me again on monday or tuesday, ok?

        • kokuaguy Says:

          Will do. God speed. You are doing work that may save millions of lives in the years to come, and make it possible to live on a sustainable planet.
          Kguy in Honolulu

          • greenman3610 Says:

            I skimmed the link you sent, it’s standard nonsense. Is this something you are responding to?
            I am not seeing the “soot” connection, hope I am looking at the right page.

            on the newser site, I could not find the approved writer link.

  4. kokuaguy Says:

    Aloha greenman3610 —
    The article that I wanted to bring to your attention can be found on my newser by users summary here.
    B ^)

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