Open Source Ecology: Global Village Construction Set

June 15, 2011

When Marcin Jakubowski finished his Phd in nuclear fusion, he realized he had nothing of value to offer anyone in society.  So he became a farmer. In the course of solving his own dilemma as a startup sustainable grower with limited resources, he realized that his problems were the same as those faced by subsistence growers across the planet.  There was no bottom rung for getting a foothold in a modern society without huge economic resources. So of course, he decided to build just that.

Enter, the Global Village Construction Set & Open Source Ecology, transcending artificial scarcity with a do-it-yourself civilization kit – the fifty most important machines that it takes for modern life to exist.

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2 Responses to “Open Source Ecology: Global Village Construction Set”

  1. Eclipse Now Says:

    Awesome! Don’t forget to mention that by the end of next year (2012) is should be finished, and include plans for a small farm-scaled wind turbine (50kw from memory), some bio-diesel processing, and even recycling busted up old solar PV panels to make workable ones.

  2. […] the blog post “Open Source Ecology: Global Village Construction Set” the Climate Crocks blog said (of Jakubowski): “In the course of solving his own […]

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