Tim DeChristopher: A Monkey Wrencher comes to Trial

February 22, 2011

Ten years in prison? Your career? Or just your permanent record?

From Rising Tide:

A little over two years ago, .. Tim DeChristopher put it all on the line when he entered a federal auction and derailed it so that oil and gas companies could not destroy one of the most beautiful and unique areas on the planet.

Posing as a legitimate bidder, the then 27 year old student bid on, and won, the rights to thousands of acres of federal land, which, as it turns out, surround and abut some of the most incredibly beautiful, dreamlike landscapes on the planet, at Arches National Monument.

According to Buzzflash:

Tim DeCristopher … threw a monkey wrench into an anti-conservation U.S. Bureau of Land Management auction of federal lands for oil and gas development in Utah. In fact, DeCristopher is just a university student, but he decided that it was time for creative action.

So he registered as a bidder and managed to win the rights to 10 parcels and bid up other leases to cause chaos on behalf of preserving Southwestern unspoiled public desert land.

Again Rising Tide:

Tim is facing ten years in prison on two felony charges for derailing an illegal sale of public land from the outgoing Bush administration to private oil and gas developers.

The government is embarrassed by this very public trial, and wishes it would go away, but Tim has refused any kind of plea bargain because he thinks a jury of his peers should decide if he was justified in defying an unjust system that is dooming us to an unlivable future.

It is this kind of peaceful, powerful, and courageous civil disobedience that is largely missing from the climate movement. An outbreak of jury trials (and willingness to serve time if necessary) could create a political atmosphere that allows a reasonable governmental response to climate change–while bringing the damaging injustices of our current system into the spotlight. People pay attention when others make sacrifices.

..Federal prosecutors have decided to make an example of Tim, so that anyone speaking out or taking effective action to save their community or the planet will be intimidated into staying home.

Rising Tide North America is proudly standing with Tim DeChristopher, and anyone else who takes bold action in the defense of the planet.

At his trial on Feb. 28, we’re joining Tim’s group and Rising Tide affiliate, Peaceful Uprising as they mobilize outside the courthouse in solidarity with Tim.

If you able to join us, please come to Salt Lake City for the Uprising Summit on Feb 25-27 and Tim’s trial on Feb 28. If you can’t join us, consider organizing a solidarity action in support of Tim in your home town.

Here’s the Man himself:


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