Exiting Wind Turbines: Legal and Illegal routes

January 17, 2011

Training for Emergency Descent from 300 Foot Wind Turbine.

Base Jumping from Wind Turbines

If you go out and try this I will deny all knowledge of posting this video.  There’s a block on embedding by Sony, but it’s worth clicking the “Watch on YouTube” link.

3 Responses to “Exiting Wind Turbines: Legal and Illegal routes”

  1. rpauli Says:

    I jumped off a gas pump. Very risky.

  2. […] a glance at what’s going on out there:Needless to say,.. don’t try this at home.h/t Climate Denial Crock of the Week http://cleantechnica.comRelated content: Base Jumping off Wind Turbines [VIDEO] Life as a […]

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