It’s Enough to make you Throw Up. More Republicans believe in Demon Possession than Climate Change

November 3, 2012

Huffington Post:

A new poll reveals the majority of registered Republican voters believe that demonic possession is a real phenomenon.

The “Halloween-centric” poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling showed that 68 percent of Republican voters think it’s possible to be possessed by demons.

Meanwhile, as news website AlterNet notes, only 48 percent of Republicans polled in an earlier survey conducted by the Pew Research Center survey said they believe in climate change.

As the election looms ever closer, the topic of climate change and global warming has been in the air — with some experts and politicians calling the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy a reality check.

However, while 88 percent of Obama supporters believe that there is “solid evidence that the earth is warming,” only 42 percent of Romney supporters said that this is true, according to the Pew survey.

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13 Responses to “It’s Enough to make you Throw Up. More Republicans believe in Demon Possession than Climate Change”

  1. NevenA Says:

    Republican voters believe that demonic possession is a real phenomenon? Well, at least they’re self-conscious. ;-)

    • junkdrawer88 Says:

      Hi Neven. Regular reader of your Arctic Sea Ice blog. Great work.

      Well, if you saw the programming on our US Cable “science” channels, there would be no mystery about this poll. Ancient Aliens…Bible Mysteries…Bigfoot Hunters is the standard fare. A couple days a week, they throw some astronomy in just to round things out.

      I swear, someone is trying for force down the collective IQ.

      • MorinMoss Says:

        After watching as much of the Republican debates as I could stomach all I can say is “Mission Accomplished!”

  2. astrostevo Says:


    And the current USA election is *this* close because .. why?

    Are people really this dumb?

    According to at least the polls on Global Overheating the answer is no – about 70% or so if memory serves accept the climatological consensus.

    But, if we believe the media, Mittens Rmoney is within a whisker of winning.. ?

  3. gregfromcos Says:

    To be fair (and make this even more depressing), 49% of democrats also believe it is real. :(

    How could we get more critical thinking into our schools???

  4. guylacrosse Says:

    They must know from personal experience.

  5. [...] It’s Enough to make you Throw Up. More Republicans believe in Demon Possession than Climate Ch… Lol If The Onion designed its own political party it would be less ridiculous than the current American right. Reply With Quote [...]

  6. [...] a similar situation will occur in the US, as the penny has simply not dropped with many Americans. More Republicans think demonic possession is real than climate change! They think they can negotiate their way out of climate change, or that the problem will simply go [...]

  7. my god republicans are weird! its amazing what people will dismiss as fantasy yet still have faith in something totally preposterous. Maybe people here will be interested in my video on demonic possesion, from a skeptical viewpoint I hasten to add!

  8. [...] Such belief’s seem to be deeply rooted within more right-wing individuals, such as Republicans, Libertarians or Conservatives. Of course climate denial is not an exclusively right-wing belief (and visa versa), but the polls do show a stark difference between those of a right wing mind set (about 30% believe in AGW) and those of more left-wing or centrists persuasions (70%) on climate. Indeed more Republicans believe in demonic possession than climate change. [...]

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