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Senators play with Kathleen Hartnett White, Trump appointee to Council on Environmental Quality.

Like baffling a cat with a laser pointer.


Kathleen Hartnett White, who was nominated to lead the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality, tried and failed to defend her denial of climate change during a Senate confirmation hearing for the position on Wednesday.

During the hearing, Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, bluntly asked Hartnett White if she believed in climate change. “I am uncertain,” she answered before realizing she was clearly off script. “No, I’m not. I jumped ahead. Climate change is of course real.” Hm. It sure sounds like Hartnett White was coached to acknowledge climate change, but question its causes. Scott Pruitt, current Environmental Protection Agency administrator, pulled a similar stunt during his confirmation hearing.

Hartnett White also confirmed that she wasn’t a scientist, which seems to be a theme amongst hopeful Trump administration environmental and agricultural appointees. “I’m not a scientist, but in my personal capacity I have many questions that remain unanswered by current climate policy,” Hartnett White told Cardin. “I think we indeed need to have more precise explanation of the human role and the natural role.”

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GOP Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore, reportedly abused underage girls in the past.
Perhaps from insecurity about the size of his gun?

And you’re surprised because….?

Washington Post reported today that the ultraconservative white nationalist “Christian” candidate abused young girls in the past.  GOP of course, morally outraged.
An even greater crime is that being perpetrated by Republican climate deniers on all young people, of both sexes, and all future generations of human beings, as well as those creatures we share this precious planetary garden with.


Roy Moore, Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, has drawn media attention for his extreme and dangerous views on homosexuality, birtherism, and the role of Christianity in government (even though much of the coverage has been inadequate and misleadingly framed). But one of his extreme positions has received almost no major media attention at all: his absolute denial of climate science.

Media Matters has found that, from the time Moore announced his candidacy on April 26 to Oct. 31, the major broadcast evening news shows, prime-time cable news programs and national newspapers have all neglected to report on Moore’s views on climate change, one of the most significant issues he would face if elected to the U.S. Senate. Over the same period, four of the top five largest-circulation newspapers in Alabama also failed to report on Moore and climate change.

The Montgomery Advertiser is the outlier: The Alabama newspaper asked Moore’s campaign about climate change but didn’t receive an answer. In July, the paper ran an article about climate change and the Senate race, reporting that “Moore’s campaign declined to answer questions on the subject.” In August, the Advertiser again reported that Moore “declined to answer questions on the issue.”

Both Advertiser articles refer to Moore’s campaign website, which lists a brief position on energy but makes no mention of the climate: “To gain independence from foreign oil, we need to foster development of our own natural resources involving nuclear, solar, wind, and fossil fuels. Coal mining and oil drilling should be encouraged, subject only to reasonable regulations.”

However, despite his recent reticence on the subject, Moore has made his climate denial clear in the past. In 2009, he published an op-ed about climate change on fringe website WorldNetDaily, as HuffPost’s Alexander C. Kaufman recently pointed out. From the WND op-ed:

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But then, they’ve never been very good at recognizing warning signs.
Repub strategist below unconsciously chooses an apt metaphor.

Washington Post:

A wave of Democratic victories ignited a ferocious debate across the Republican Party on Wednesday over whether President Trump’s un­or­tho­dox behavior and polarizing agenda are jeopardizing the GOP’s firm grip on power in Congress, governors’ mansions and state legislatures.

The recriminations sparked by Tuesday’s results — a decisive rebuke of Trump and his policies in Virginia and elsewhere — threatened the fragile GOP push to pass sweeping tax cuts by the end of the year and raised deeper questions about Republican identity and fealty to a historically unpopular president.

A year ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans are increasingly uncertain about keeping their majorities on Capitol Hill and are worried about how damaging Trump’s jagged brand of politics may become to the party.

“Donald Trump is an anchor for the GOP,” said veteran party strategist Mike Murphy, a Trump critic. “We got that message in loud volume in Virginia. The ­canary in the coal mine didn’t just pass out; its head exploded.”

Inside Climate News:

Americans in many states and cities across the country elected leaders on Tuesday who have pledged to address climate change despite—and even rebuking—the recalcitrant Trump administration.

Newly elected governors, mayors and state legislators from the East Coast to the West won on platforms including carbon pricing and clean energy incentives that will bolster ongoing efforts at city, state and regional levels to combat climate change.

These efforts have received newfound urgency in the wake of both President Donald Trump’s decision in June to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and the extraordinary damage from hurricanes and wildfires this fall.

Perhaps of greatest significance is the boost regional carbon pricing efforts are likely to get from Democrats who regained or solidified control in New Jersey, Virginia and Washington state.

New Jersey Gov.-elect Phil Murphy has vowed to “immediately” bring his state back to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a coalition of 9 eastern states that recently agreed to cut global-warming pollution from the region’s power plants by an additional 30 percent between 2020 and 2030. His predecessor, Republican Gov. Chris Christie, withdrew New Jersey from the coalition in 2011. Read the rest of this entry »

“..I do not have any kind of expertise or even much layman’s study..”Kathleen Hartnett White, Trump nominee for Director of Council of Environmental Quality


Human vs Natural causes for observed modern climate change. From the recently released US Global Change Research Program special report on Climate Change

So, is ignorance a prerequisite for a Trump appointment, or merely a bonus?

Ms White, during confirmation hearings expressed an apparent belief in a parallel universe, right along side our own, where there could be a different “right answer” to how much greenhouse-gas trapped heat the oceans absorb.
It’s challenging to maintain a charitable position in the face of increasing volumes of  proof that climate deniers are incapable of feeling basic human emotions, like shame.

Heads up, if anyone can find the original cspan video on this, please point me to it.

Washington Post:

Kathleen Hartnett White, President Trump’s pick to serve as his top White House environmental official, told the Senate Wednesday that she had doubts about the link between human activity and climate change.

“I’m not a scientist, but in my personal capacity, I have many questions that remain unanswered by current climate policy,” Hartnett White, Trump’s nominee to lead the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality, told senators Wednesday at her confirmation hearing. “I think we indeed need to have more precise explanations of the human role and the natural role.”

She did acknowledge that there was probably some human contribution, “the extent to which I think is very uncertain.” That contradicts leading scientific assessments on the matter, which have pinned climate change largely on human greenhouse gas emissions. Read the rest of this entry »

Science deniers needlessly killing animals, in order to needlessly kill more animals.

Appalled but not surprised.
People who don’t care about the massive extinctions brought on by climate change certainly won’t stop at killing innocent animals to further the fossil fuel agenda. (Waterloo,Iowa):

October 18, 2017 – DELAWARE COUNTY (KWWL) –

A local landowner found more than a dozen dead rabbits at the base of a wind turbine on his property.

A combination of white and black rabbits were scattered under the propellers of a wind turbine, just north of Greeley, Wednesday afternoon.  The property is owned by an area farmer and leased by RPM Access, a company with several wind farms in Iowa.

A Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy at the scene told KWWL they believe the 15 rabbits were killed and purposefully placed underneath the wind turbine.

“I don’t understand who would do something like this? I really don’t. The abundance of 15 bunnies laying on the ground like this under one turbine, it is pretty shocking,” said Linda Slobodnik, an environmental consultant for RPM Access.

In more than 10 years in the wind energy industry, she says this is the most disgusting thing she has seen.

“Their necks were snapped, so I believe they were brought in,” said Slobodnik. The rabbits were likely domestic by the cleanliness and color of their coats.

Slobodnik believes the rabbits were likely placed under the turbine to attract eagles and other birds into the path of the propellers.

“If eagles were attracted in, there was a higher possibility that they could be hit,” said Slobodnik. Read the rest of this entry »