Scott Cooney in CleanTechnica:

Conservative politicians across the country are still not taking Coronavirus seriously, as CleanTechnica analyst Mike Barnard pointed out. Potentially, because their leader still seems confused about it. Down-rank Republicans are following in the POTUS’ line of thinking. In Mississippi, for instance, the Republican governor has actively resisted a statewide shelter-in-place order, saying that he wanted to make decisions “based on experts.” Perhaps he considers right wing media personalities Alex Jones or Geraldo Rivera experts (if you haven’t seen Alex Jones’ toothpaste that kills coronavirus, or Geraldo’s DIY coronavirus test on Fox News, it’s worth a watch).

He’s not alone. Republican governors across the country are gambling with our lives.

I plotted the states that have issued Shelter-in-place orders as of March 31st

Oil and gas are crashing, could soon be below zero. Smart money is looking for a safe harbor in the Corona virus storm.
That would be renewable energy.

Wall Street Journal:

Wind and solar farms are attracting interest from investors hungry for low-risk, stable-yield opportunities at a time of extraordinary market volatility.

That interest is a boon for renewable projects, and could give them a financial boost in coming months and years. However, developers could face challenges in getting additional new projects financed and built amid the turmoil created by the new coronavirus.

It might seem an odd time for a renewable-energy uptick, given the economic slowdown and a historic crash in oil prices that is making fossil fuels cheap. But wind and solar farms experienced a similar surge after the 2008 financial crisis, when investors seized on the projects as safe-harbor investments with yields in the mid-single-digit percentages.

Wind and solar farms have contracts to sell their electrical output to utilities and companies with good credit ratings for a decade or longer, making their returns stable and relatively low risk.

“There is certainly some increased interest and discussion around uncorrelated yields, and renewables falls into that category,” said David Giordano, global head of renewable power atBlackRock Inc. BLK -3.38%“As I’m trying to stock my cupboard with canned goods, we have an awful lot of calls happening.”

The increased interest is fortuitous for renewable-energy builders such as Kevin Smith, chief executive of the Americas at Lightsource BP, a solar developer half-owned by British oil giant BP PLC. On March 12, he signed a deal with banks to finance a $250 million solar project in North Texas, even as the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the day down 2,352 points.

“It was a strange day,” Mr. Smith said. He said he expects to close a further $750 million in solar financing this year, including a large solar farm in Colorado. “I’d like to think that there will be more investors from infrastructure funds looking at renewable markets as a safe haven from the volatility,” he added.

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Paul Krugman in the New York Times (from email – link when available):

It’s hard to feel any sympathy for Trish Regan, the Fox News host who was fired after a rant in which she called the coronavirus “yet another attempt to impeach the president.” We may never know how many Fox viewers became gravely ill or died because they ignored social distancing in response to people like Regan, who told them that the pandemic was a politically motivated hoax. But the number was surely significant.

The twist in the Regan story, however, is that what she said wasn’t significantly different from what her whole network had been saying for weeks. Her career-killing mistake wasn’t saying something false and evil, it was her timing. She apparently missed the abrupt turn in the party line by a few hours.

For Regan’s rant came just after Fox and right-wing media in general suddenly changed their line from “the pandemic is a liberal hoax” to “everyone must unify behind our great leader in his heroic struggle against the Chinese virus.” And for some reason Regan didn’t get the memo.

Actually, Regan wasn’t the only person who didn’t get the memo. A number of people on the religious right are still sticking with the virus-as-hoax story, notably Jerry Falwell Jr., who defied public health experts by reopening Liberty University — and promptly created his own personal virus hot spot. But most leading figures on the right have swerved on command.

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Trailer: Greenland

March 31, 2020

Uncanny timing on this.

The same day the President switched to a new, graver tone on COVID-19.

Seems appropriate, and this is a great vocal version I’ve not heard before.

For those that believe windmills cause cancer, and up until last week, were convinced that Corona virus was a hoax, it’s a great moment to double up on health scams, and maybe even make some quick cash?

Local Anti-Wind activist in Michigan writes:

If the stated goal is to “flatten” the curve (as opposed to eradication of the virus), we have to abandon the black-and-white thinking, and embrace shades of grey. We cannot any longer claim that masks “are not effective”.

“What if a however partial protection afforded by leaky surgical or even self-made masks reduces transmission probability to an extent that is similar to that of the recommended (equally imperfect) distancing by more than 6 feet from each other or “not touching your face”?

Want to “possibly” make the mask a bit more effective? There is absolutely “no proof” that this will work, but you could pray the mask lightly, VERY lightly with “THIEVES spray” a Young Living Oil product. No proof like I said, but it’s just an idea.

People who use essential oils regularly will know what I am talking about.

The 30 year war on science has made believing in science a tribal identity signifier.

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