Carbon Brief:

On Wednesday, the world’s three major meteorological organisations will reveal how global temperature in 2016 stacked up against previous years. Given exceptional warmth in most months, it is all but guaranteed that scientists will confirm 2016 as the hottest year on record.


One of the most respected ice sheet experts.

Dr. Rignot’s 2014 interview was a shocker. Review below. Read the rest of this entry »

Video from my 2016 AGU interviews.
A deeper look coming later this week.

For Climate scientists, “positive feedback” is anything but positive. It means we’ll warm faster with stronger impacts.
My friend, Arctic expert Jennifer Francis, is observing a new, emerging feedback in the arctic.

I’m making an effort to break out important info-bites from the hours of footage, consider donating to Dark Snow to aid in this effort – I’m overwhelmed.

Joni Mitchell: This Place

January 15, 2017

A reader sent this one in.
Perfect for a Sunday morning.

Oh well, a few weeks of good comedy before the mushroom clouds go up, maybe that’s all we can hope for. But if this is what it takes to jump-start brutal political humor, maybe it’s worth it.

Ok, let’s start over again.

This works surprisingly well, given current conditions.

And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no telling who that it’s naming
For the loser now will be later to win
Cause the times they are a-changing

Bonus track below:

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Greatest crisis since Pearl Harbor.

We can at least thank Putin/Trump admin for clarifying things.

Time to let your rep know that those standing with Trump are standing with Fascist Dictator Vladimir Putin, against Freedom, and the next 10,000 generations of human beings.  Ask them what side of history they are on.

Below: Further clarification on Russian Hack Attack on Democracy from Kurt Eichenwald.  Anything sound familiar?

No surprise that enemies of democracy and humanity are using, and may be the inventors of, fossil fuel hack attack on scientists.
For those that followed the so called “Climategate” non-scandal of 2009-10, this tactic may sound familiar.

Kurt Eichenwald in Newsweek:

..Russian hackers obtained emails from the DNC that were then sliced into small bits and put out on the internet through participants in the propaganda effort. In many of these instances, the real documents were misrepresented. For example, WikiLeaks released a number of May 2016 emails on the eve of the Democratic convention that made it appear as if the DNC was solely pulling for Clinton; in many online postings, the date was removed so readers would have no idea unless they searched for the original document that was written at a time when Sanders could not possibly have won the nomination.

Complete “Climate Crocks Sacks Hack Attack” list here.