Across from the prison and beside the great lake
Below the rooftops and above the highways
The spirits pay rental on the basements they haunt
And the pages just draw pictures of the things that they want
I cook my dinner on the blacktop street
I come from the nation of heat

Outside the train station there’s a bold painted sign
It says try to be patient don’t forget to choose sides
We got the loudest explosions you ever heard
We got two dollar soldiers and ten dollar words
If I didn’t own boots I wouldn’t need feet
I come from the nation of heat

So swift and so vicious are the carnival rides
And the carnival barker yell your name for a bribe
we got billboards for love and Japanese cars
It ain’t rare to hear the streetlights call themselves stars
The more that I learn the more that I cheat
I come from the nation of heat

I seen skeleton mothers and hungry folks
Across the street from the kitchens that cookin the most
Sometimes you hear whispers by the dark of the moon
That we promised too much and gave it too soon
Even our coughs and our fevers compete
I come from the nation of heat

Blockin borders with smiles are immigrant sons
we measure loneliness and miles and misery in tons
There’s a staw-hatted man rowing away from the shore
Who says “It’s a shame they don’t let you have slaves here anymore”
I’m the ugliest man that you’ll ever meet
I come from the nation of heat

The “Playing for Change” video series is original, inspiring, and ground breaking.

This is a pretty good example of why.

We need the mighty Quinn now more than ever.

If this classic Dylan cover doesn’t make you want to move, dance, sing along, or at least shift in your chair – you should never be trusted with real power.

Yes, that David Attenborough.

Since I used some Ugly Duckling in a recent video, I’ve been looking for, and finally found, this one.

Feed your mind on music like this, and nobody will drag your spirit down – at least not for long.

If you ever, ever, ever, get the chance to see Eric Bibb live – don’t let nobody turn you ’round.

Bonus track below.

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Nothing like driving through northern Michigan under a spectacular fall sky and listening to The Acoustic Cafe – which is where I heard this.

The ITunes version is slightly more bouncy and acousticky than this one,  but this hits the singer-songwriter sweetspot for now.

Here’s a tune that should get one hell of a lot more play.  Well written, sharp edged and funny – with a catchy, zippy tune.

Well done. There’s an additional bonus tune with an environmental theme below.

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