PBS: Deal Reached on Colorado Water

May 22, 2023

Data visualization below shows where the water goes.
Ag is biggest. and biggest within ag is livestock feed.


4 Responses to “PBS: Deal Reached on Colorado Water”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    There are different metrics for water use and conservation. This discusses the gross consumption of unprocessed fresh (nonsaline) water from rivers, lakes and canals.

    The other conversation about conservation has to do with the cost of water treatment to make it potable from the tap. It “costs” a certain amount of the first class of water and other resources to produce the second. People are using treated drinking water to fill swimming pools and irrigate their lawns and shrubs. That’s acceptable only if (1) the total supply of regional fresh water is high, and (2) the water utility has steeply tiered rates for water consumption.

  2. Ten Bears Says:

    Treated drinking water that they promptly poison with chlorine to fill swimming pools

  3. Ron Benenati Says:

    Is there such a thing as putting “risk on hold”?

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