The Other “C” Word: Climate Invisible on GOP Campaign

May 21, 2023

“The central civilizational challenge of our time, is utterly and completely absent and ignored, from all Republican Campaign discourse.”
Dude, ya can’t say the “C” word.

2 Responses to “The Other “C” Word: Climate Invisible on GOP Campaign”

  1. jimbills Says:

    All Republicans are afraid they’ll say something that will alienate a large percentage of GOP voters, and as climate change is viewed as ‘woke’ by this segment, the Republican politicians for state and national positions won’t touch the issue with a thousand mile pole. We’ve been steadily going backwards on the GOP addressing the issue since the elder Bush. Over three decades of zilch, with nothing on the horizon.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      And the Democrats continue to mostly ignore it, too. How is it possible that such clear, undeniable evidence of actual, literal mental illness & treason in the entire Republican party is not hammered on 6 times a day, every day, by every Democrat with a mic in front of him or her? Manchin’s treason? The unforgivable long con of the debt ceiling scam?

      The GOP Rolls Out Its ‘Two Santas’ Plot for Debt Ceiling and the Long Con Continues
      “This isn’t a crisis. This is a plot.The corporate media refuses to tell the American people what this is: a cynical political and media strategy devised by Republicans in the 1970s, fine-tuned in the 1980s, and since then rolled out every time a Democrat is in the White House.”
      Thom Hartmann, May 26, 2023

      “the threat of a failure to pay the nation’s bills never once happened during the presidencies of Reagan, Bush, Bush, or Trump. Or that it did happen every single time during the presidencies of Clinton, Obama…and, now, Biden.”
      They want more stuff to sell—supply side. So renewable construction should make them hard &/or wet. But of course it doesn’t. The new right has no principles, only situational addiction desires.

      What the Debt Limit is Actually About
      “It’s not about debt at all. It’s about turning back the political clock 100 years.”
      Jon Schwarz, The Intercept, May 6 2023

      How is it possible that given such outrageous bipartisan emotional disturbance everybody in the country doesn’t want to hear from scientists, activists, the Green Party & progressive Democrats?

      Progressives Condemn Biden-GOP Debt Ceiling Deal as ‘Cruel and Shortsighted’
      “…tentative debt ceiling agreement reached Saturday by the White House and Republican leaders would needlessly gash nutrition aid, rental assistance, education programs, and more—all while making it easier for the wealthy to avoid taxes.”
      Common Dreams

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