In Florida: Insurers Dropping Homes with New Solar Panels

May 21, 2023

Insurance in Florida and the Gulf Coast is becoming a nightmare, as I’ve noted many times.
In this case, there just seems to be a lot of ignorance among carriers.

4 Responses to “In Florida: Insurers Dropping Homes with New Solar Panels”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I do see the problem of putting panels on an old roof.
    Insurance companies would also need to know if they were installed competently.

  2. Anthony O'Brien Says:

    Is this just a Florida problem? All the articles seem to be about Florida.

  3. gmrmt Says:

    I think a number of insurance companies have found a dandy excuse to drop coverage on Florida homes which are under increasing threat from storms and flooding.
    Obviously accredtted inspectors to inspect the roof before and the installation after would be the practical solution OR accrediting solar installation companies to do proper preinstallation roof assessments.

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