Riding into the Storm. Don’t Try This At Home

May 13, 2023

These men are professionals. Don’t try this at home. These guys are in a tornado-proof armored vehicle.


Extreme tornado intercept in Dominator 3 major wedge tornado with subsonic recording data. Major tornado intercept just now. Tornado outbreak happening. Spalding Nebraska


The SRV Dominator is the name given to a series of vehicles used for Reed Timmer, as featured on the Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers (SRV stands for Storm Research Vehicle). In April 2013, Reed Timmer, designer and operator of all three Dominator vehicles joined KFOR-TV‘s 4WARN Storm Team, all three vehicles collectively referred to by the station as “Dominator 4”.

Feels like a metaphor for something. Almost as if we are all strapped in and heading for something powerful and dangerous. Except for humanity, we won’t be driving out of it any time soon.

Energy be like:

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