Abnormal Warmth Speeds Snowpack Melt in Western North America

May 13, 2023

Meteorologists are not calling this a “Heat Dome” event like the one that smashed records by 17 F in 2021, but it is nonetheless potentially “historic” ( see below) – and snowpacks are massive following a long series of atmospheric river events over the winter.
Snowpack that could have been a long slow feed of moisture to reservoirs, is now rushing out of the mountains in floods.

Washington Post:

The potential for a historic heat wave is building in much of western Canada and parts of the United States, a region that has been dealing with early, major wildfires enhanced by an ongoing drought. It’s set to reach its peak Friday through early next week.

The system is starting to gather around the Hudson Bay and will mostly affect a region from the Pacific Northwest to Alberta. The heat wave is set to reach its peak Friday and last through early next week. It was generated by extremely early-season high pressure.

Parts of Canada that will be affected were touched by an exceptional heat wave two years ago, which brought the hottest temperature ever recorded in the country and devastating wildfires.

Canada and the United States will not be the only places seeing extreme temperatures. Punishing heat persists in Asia, parts of Europe and much of the tropics.


One Response to “Abnormal Warmth Speeds Snowpack Melt in Western North America”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    Oil Sands producing province, Alberta, is burning and I can’t help thinking this is another example of Karma

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