Could Hydrogen Beat Batteries for Aviation?

May 12, 2023

Good profiles of upstart competitors in the hydrogen/flight space.

The technology is surprisingly advanced already, but big challenges to solve for hydrogen storage, and “green hydrogen” production.

2 Responses to “Could Hydrogen Beat Batteries for Aviation?”

  1. I’ve been following this topic a long time. It always comes down to this:
    There is no sustainable future for aviation.

    If hydrogen is the only option these people know, and it has to be green, then it comes down to the question of where the power comes from to produce it.
    I’d say we are heading for an energy-constrained world as we try to decarbonise. Priorities will have to be agreed upon. Energy for aviation is really a luxury we cannot afford, unless it’s flying stuff we really need fast and not people.

    All these aviation experts need to start thinking outside the airplane.

    • gmrmt Says:

      It all comes down to cost. If green hydrogen or better batteries are economically viable then aviation has a future. Really the limiting factor for planes may cxome down to the availability of high speed rail.

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