Clean Energy as a Justice Issue: Rural Gentrification Displaces Farmers as Stewards of Land

May 7, 2023

More from my interviews with farmers in Montcalm County, Michigan.
Landowners who have sought to place wind turbines or solar panels on their land have been under attack by well organized, and well funded anti-clean energy groups, many of whom are wealthy newcomers to the area.

Above, farmers describe the new imbalance of power, as centennial farms and farmers are displaced by wealthy “Lake People”.
Just yesterday, I heard from a former local official that one very wealthy individual, who was extremely prominent in blocking clean energy in the area, will now be moving away to another state, leaving behind a community strapped for resources and farmers struggling to make ends meet.

Often the anti-clean energy activists portray themselves as “Saving Farmland” – but in fact, it is the farmers who have been stewards of that land for, often, more than a century, and providing additional income streams – drought proof, recession proof, flood proof – is the best way to insure that farmers can continue to protect that land against development.

Below, clean energy as the best way to save agricultural land against toxic urban sprawl.

Here, Indiana experts describe how solar fields can preserve farmland and soil.


One Response to “Clean Energy as a Justice Issue: Rural Gentrification Displaces Farmers as Stewards of Land”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    Imagine if a bunch of San Francisco liberals moved in these areas, started smoking pot and chanting ‘Kumbaya’, and telling local farmers they couldn’t do with their land what they wanted. If you wrap yourself in the flag you can get away with anything in this country. Take a look at Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira. Because he’s also a lover of God-n-Guns, suddenly, Faux-News-America seems confused about whether giving our nations secrets to people like Vladimir Putin quite rises to the ignominy of carrying around a ‘Black Lives Matter’ poster.

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