Could Chesapeake Bay Become a Dead Zone?

May 6, 2023

Pollution and Climate Change increasing pressure on this critical biological resource.

More intense storms washing more and more nutrients into increasingly warmer waters, driving out oxygen, and creating expanding dead zones.

3 Responses to “Could Chesapeake Bay Become a Dead Zone?”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    “The EPA is considering pushing back the blueprint [for cleanup by 2025] deadline.”

    A deadline with no penalties isn’t really a deadline at all.

  2. Anthony O'Brien Says:

    We are staring down the barrel of a massive phosphorus shortage. Nitrogen fertilizers are getting way more expensive. The loss of these nutrients from the land is also a tragedy.

    Let the farmers know just how many of their dollars are being flushed away.

  3. jimbills Says:

    If ‘dead zone’ is defined as completely free of life, then maybe. But, the Chesapeake already is a comparative dead zone from what it once was:

    We already live in a highly degraded biosphere. We just don’t realize it because of shifting baselines.

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