Go Home Jet Stream, You’re Drunk. March Temps in May Stuck over East

May 1, 2023

We’ve talked a lot about “stuck” jet stream patterns. Not that they’ve never happened before, but that loss of arctic sea ice seems to be making them more common.


A massive atmospheric traffic jam will keep chilly air locked in over the Midwest and much of the eastern United States this week, AccuWeather meteorologists say. Forecasters warn that the same pattern set to deliver weather more typical of March rather than May will bring accumulating snow to some spots as well as another round of frosts and freezes to some locations.

A pattern in theย jet stream, known as an Omega block, shaped like the Greek letter by the same name, will remain over much of North America through the middle of this week. This setup tends to prevent the normal west-to-east movement of weather systems and tends to lock in chilly, unsettled conditions in some areas, while other locations have an extended period of dry and warm conditions.

“The pattern much of this week will act like a giant pinwheel of clouds, showers and cold air in the Midwest and Northeast,” AccuWeather Chief On-Air Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said

Pockets of rare, heavy May snow are even in store into the middle of this week for parts of the Great Lakes and central Appalachians.

A small area of heavy snow will continue to affect an area centered on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This area is in the perfect spot for snow to accumulate, sometimes at the rate of an inch or two per hour. In this zone, the atmosphere will be cold enough for snow all the way to the ground. Snow began to fall on this portion of the upper Great Lakes during the weekend and will continue into Tuesday morning.

Through Monday evening, several cities on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula recorded over a foot of snowfall.


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